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Chapter 139. – The traitor's repentance. The compassion of the three lions for the repentant servant. Joseph's good advice. Cyrenius' generosity and the marvellous effect on the repentant servant.

139,1. The traitorous servant stood in one corner of the hall and regretted the act he had committed against his master;

139,2. but nobody thought about him, for all were engrossed in profound discussions.

139,3. In any case, the trustworthy servants of Cyrenius were fully occupied with the arrangement of the table, with the kitchen and with setting up all sorts of ornaments.

139,4. And so even the servants did not spare a thought for their extremely sorrowful colleague.

139,5. Suddenly the three lions got up and trotted towards the penitent servant of Cyrenius and licked him and, through various gestures, indicated their compassion towards him.

139,6. Maronius was the first to observe what the three lions were doing with the servant, and indicated this to Cyrenius;

139,7. for Maronius feared, that the three beasts might be getting a craving for the servant.

139,8. As Cyrenius noticed this strange situation around his traitorous servant, he began to speak to Joseph about the servant's offence.

139,9. And Joseph spoke: "Friend and brother, look here at an act I previously advised you about, how a very small amount of compassion is better than a whole palace full of the best justice!

139,10. The three lions are setting a good example here; go there and, as a human being, do something better!

139,11. On the journey here from the villa, I heard from one of the Lord's attendants how you praised the three lions to your wife this morning!

139,12. How is it then, that even now these three animals are showing you what you should have done in the first place?

139,13. See, this is how the Lord constantly instructs men!

139,14. Nothing in the world happens in vain; you can acquire true wisdom even from the spinning of a sun dust particle!

139,15. For it is steered and maintained through this same wisdom and omnipotence of God as the sun and the moon of heaven!

139,16. You can view this phenomenon all the more as a sign of the Lord, who clearly tells you what you should do.

139,17. Go there, and raise the threefold pitiful and fallen man; go there and uplift an exceedingly distressed and repentant brother!

139,18. For the Lord has prepared him to become your most loyal brother!"

139,19. As Cyrenius heard this from Joseph, he hastened to the servant and grabbed him under the arms and spoke:

139,20. "Brother! You have done me an evil; but as I have found repentance in you, I am raising you up again!

139,21. However, from now on, you will not be my servant anymore, but will become a trustworthy brother at my side!"

139,22. This broke the servant's heart, and he started to weep loudly and lament about how he could have sinned against such nobility in a man of all men!? –

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-139 Chapter