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Chapter 140. – Cyrenius' brotherly words to the penitent servant. His inclusion in the company. The envious servants and Cyrenius' response to them.

140,1. As Cyrenius saw the immense gratitude and great repentance of this servant, he consoled him and spoke:

140,2. "Look, my new brother in the Lord, we human beings are all flawed before God, and God forgives us our mistakes when we recognize and repent them!

140,3. All the same, God is holy, while we all are great sinners before him!

140,4. However, if the Holy One forgives, why should we sinners not forgive each other for our mistakes?

140,5. As long as a man has not sunk to the level of a veritable Fury, God's mercy remains on him;

140,6. however, if a man on earth has become a complete devil, then God takes away His mercy from him and hands him over to the tribunal of hell!

140,7. That is why the twenty men who had bribed you were torn to pieces by the lions, – for they were already devils!

140,8. You, however, have been spared, as you were only misled, and blind, and did not know what you were doing!

140,9. The Lord God has not taken away his mercy from you and has opened your eyes, so that you yourself could come to a full realization of the sin you have committed.

140,10. You have recognized the sin and repented of it, and God has forgiven your sin!

140,11. And so I too forgive you the transgression against me and consequently make you my friend and a brother in the Lord!

140,12. I therefore raise you and lead you to my most holy and exalted company.

140,13. Hence be optimistic and follow me, so that you are blessed by my noble friends to become a true brother to me!"

140,14. This magnificent speech of Cyrenius had the best effect on the traitorous servant.

140,15. It comforted and strengthened the servant, who got up, dissolved into tears and followed Cyrenius towards the company.

140,16. As he reached there, Joseph immediately raised his hand and blessed the servant, and merely said: "The Lord be with you!"

140,17. Then Cyrenius immediately ordered brilliant and magnificent garments to be brought and put on the servant,

140,18. and immediately dignified him with an honorific title and gave him a brotherly kiss.

140,19. Then Cyrenius called the entire domestic staff together and presented this new brother to them and ordered them to obey him.

140,20. However, the servants spoke: "What sort of impartial judge are you that you elevate the traitor, but degrade us, who have always shown you the utmost loyalty?!"

140,21. "Does it trouble you", spoke Cyrenius' "if I am good-hearted and merciful? – Whom among you have I ever denied anything? And yet none of you has ever risked his life for my sake!

140,22. However, this man was always the least among you and risked his life for me; through his deed I am free of my enemies! Does he therefore not deserve this status?"

140,23. Here the servants fell silent and again went about their business and were satisfied with this reply.

140,24. However, one of the heavenly youths spoke: "This is exactly what will happen in the Kingdom of God one day; there will be more joy over a penitent sinner than over ninety-nine very righteous persons, who have never sinned!" – –

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-140 Chapter