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Chapter 141. – The preparations and the invitation to the morning feast by Cyrenius. The Infant's consecration speech. The invitation and feeding of the poor.

141,1. During this occasion, the morning meal was ready and the tables were nicely set;

141,2. and the servants came and indicated this to Cyrenius.

141,3. And Cyrenius went and inspected everything, and as he found everything in the best possible order, he went and invited the company to come to the table in the large adjoining hall.

141,4. As Joseph entered the hall, he could not stop wondering, as to why he felt as if he were in a small temple of Solomon in Jerusalem.

141,5. This arrangement however was a work of Maronius Pilla, who as the former governor of Jerusalem naturally knew the temple inside out.

141,6. Filled with joy, Joseph spoke: "Indeed, to this end, my brother Cyrenius Quirinus, you could not have set in motion a better concept!

141,7. And I am now, as in Jerusalem, at the Feast of Preparation, only the Holy of Holies is missing for the completion of the temple here!

141,8. The curtain is there; but the Ark of the Covenant behind it is missing!"

141,9. But Cyrenius spoke: "Brother, I thought that as you will anyway be bringing the living Holy of Holies with you, why should there be an artificial one there?"

141,10. Only now Joseph recovered from his unexpected dreams and thought of the Infant and Mary.

141,11. The Infant now called Cyrenius to Him and spoke to him; (at this, the angels fell down on their faces):

141,12. "Cyrenius, you have done much to bring joy to the purest man on earth; however, you almost forgot one thing!

141,13. See, you are giving a great and absolutely splendid feast today!

141,14. What the three continents produce as the best and the most precious is united here!

141,15. You have done well to do this, for indeed a greater honour through all eternity and infinity has not befallen any house in any world, than now befalls yours!

141,16. For now in front of you is He before whom all heavenly powers hide their faces!

141,17. Joseph has indicated to you that the Holy of Holies in this temple is empty.

141,18. Look, it is so! – However, it should not be so.

141,19. Send out your servants, and ask them to bring all kinds of poor, blind, lame and crippled people here!

141,20. Get another table set for these people in the replicated Holy of Holies and cater for them festively, and My attendants will tend to them!

141,21. And see, this is how the Holy of Holies will be full of life and will represent the Holy of Holies better than the now empty Ark of the Covenant in Jerusalem!

141,22. At the same time, procure three billy goats; throw them to the lions, so that they too can be fed!"

141,23. Hereupon Cyrenius kissed the Infant and immediately followed his advice.

141,24. In the course of an hour, the exemplary Holy of Holies was filled with the poor, and the lions got their food as well.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-141 Chapter