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Chapter 142. – Joseph's thanksgiving and humility. Cyrenius' affectionate quarrel with Joseph on account of the placement. Joseph's intelligent advice.

142,1. After all was ordered and arranged, Joseph first raised his eyes to heaven and thanked the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

142,2. Only after he ended his thanksgiving prayer, did he and his family take their places at the far end of Cyrenius' regally arranged table.

142,3. Bur Cyrenius hastened towards Joseph and spoke to him:

142,4. "No, no, no, my most exalted friend and brother! This is not possible; for this feast is in your honour and not in mine!

142,5. Therefore, your place is at the head of the table, and not here at the very far end!

142,6. Elevate yourself accordingly, and allow me to place you, and all your relatives, at the head of the table, which is set with gold!

142,7. My people will sit and recline here; for this is what I have ordered!"

142,8. Joseph spoke: "Cyrenius! Look, it is just because I am your most honest friend that I will remain sitting here in this place with my people!

142,9. For look, by me, you lose nothing, even if I sit here at the bottom of the table;

142,10. but you will lose much by your important public office companions, if they are not placed at the head!

142,11. Hence let the matter remain as it is! In the world, the world should get priority; in the Kingdom of God, however, the situation will be quite different, – for there the last ones will be the first at the table of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!"

142,12. Cyrenius spoke: "O brother! I have looked forward to this day, when I would bestow a royal honour to you, a king's son!

142,13. However, now half of my joy is gone when I see you, for whom all of this is meant, sitting at the far end!

142,14. Brother! Go and sit at least in the middle, so that I am a little closer to you at the table!"

142,15. And Joseph spoke: "But my beloved brother, you will surely not be childish!?

142,16. You know that I must always and everywhere remain within the order that the Lord God prescribes in my heart!

142,17. Do you then want to tempt me to go beyond this order?!

142,18. Place your distinguished and luminous personages at the head; and as the master you can sit wherever you want, as you have the right to sit at any place at the table!

142,19. And the matter can be settled in this way; the distinguished personages will recognize the foremost place by the golden tableware and will consider themselves most privileged, if you concede such places of honour to them and choose an inferior place for yourself!"

142,20. Cyrenius understood Joseph's words, and assigned the foremost places to his dignitaries;

142,21. and he, together with Tullia, sat down at the middle of the table.

142,22. And thus all was well arranged; the distinguished personages were delighted to be sitting at the head,

142,23. Cyrenius was happy in the middle, and Joseph with his people was extremely cheerful that he could remain within God's order even during this splendid feast.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-142 Chapter