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Chapter 143. – The inquisitive God-seeking captain. The priest on mythology, his avowal of the one and only true God. Joseph to the questioning captain: there is a time for everything!

143,1. The morning meal lasted about one hour, and there were a lot of discussions on all sorts of subjects during the meal.

143,2. At the end of the meal, one captain, who had participated in the mountain climbing, asked one of the three former lesser priests:

143,3. "Now listen to me! Look, we have a mythology, according to which there are so many gods, that we see them wherever we might look;

143,4. I, however, have never seen or perceived a god!

143,5. I have often dreamt of a thousand things, – but never of any divine being!

143,6. Among all the currently living human beings, who can step forward and conscientiously and truthfully avow: 'I have seen and spoken to Zeus or any other divine being?

143,7. Since we are as good human beings as those who interacted with the gods in primeval time,

143,8. I do not see why the gods have abandoned us now and do no longer look after us in the least!

143,9. As a former priest, can you not give me any valid reason for this?"

143,10. The lesser priest spoke: "Dear friend, I beg you for the world, never ask me such nonsense!

143,11. Our gods are nothing but pure ephemera, who originate from the quagmire of our ignorance.

143,12. However, as, in our ignorance, we like to see nothing better than our own quagmire creations, we give precedence to them and imagine them as gods,

143,13. build temples and then pray for the most worthless products of our ignorance.

143,14. See, these are the gods, for whom we have built temples which abound in Rome!

143,15. Yes, there is certainly a true god; who has always been holy, but we highly impure beings in our hearts cannot see Him, although we can see His works!

143,16. If you wish to learn more about this one and only God, then turn to that pure Jew; he will certainly teach you – I swear it to you – to know Him better!"

143,17. The captain was satisfied with this reply; for he got just the answer he was seeking since a long time.

143,18. And he moved towards Joseph and expressed his concern to him.

143,19. And Joseph spoke: "Good man, there is a time for everything! When you are ready, it will be revealed to you; for the time being, therefore, be content with this promise!"

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-143 Chapter