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Chapter 144. – Joseph's and Cyrenius' intention to look at the replicated Holy of Holies. The Infant's objection. Joseph's embarrassment. Mary's enlightening words and the Infant's approval. The subsequent instruction of the captain.

144,1. As the god-seeking captain was dealt with in this way, Joseph spoke to Cyrenius:

144,2. "Brother, now let us also look at the Holy of Holies!"

144,3. And Cyrenius complied with great joy to the request of his most esteemed friend.

144,4. However, the Infant raised Himself up and spoke to Joseph:

144,5. "Listen to me, you trustworthy provider of My body! You yourself previously told the god-seeking captain:

144,6. 'There is a time for everything; only when you are ready, will further knowledge be revealed to you! For the time being, be content with this promise!'

144,7. So I too say here in front of the entrance of the exemplary as well as replicable Holy of Holies:

144,8. There is a time even for this entry! You are still not ready for this; when you are ready, I will disclose it to you through My attendants!

144,9. For the time being, therefore, be content with this promise!"

144,10. Here Joseph and Cyrenius looked intensely at each other, and the embarrassment of one surpassed that of the other.

144,11. And Joseph spoke to Mary: "Well, this looks good! The Infant is giving me ordinances while His feet are still wrapped in swaddling clothes!

144,12. Whatever will He do when He is ten years old, and what, when He is twenty?"

144,13. Mary however spoke to Joseph: "But dear father Joseph, how can you too become weak!?

144,14. The angels have indicated to you with the utmost humility who this Infant is!

144,15. And the many miracles that have occurred around us are genuine and clear evidence for this great miracle truth of all truth – and all truth!

144,16. See, I, your faithful wife and maidservant, am well aware of what the words of the Infant refer to!

144,17. If you do that, I am sure in advance that another wind will promptly begin to blow!"

144,18. Hereupon Joseph again asked Mary: "Yes – what is it then that I must do now?"

144,19. And Mary responded: "Look at the man who there seeks, and wisely show him What he seeks – the One he thinks is so far from him, but who is so near instead!"

144,20. And the Infant looked at Joseph, smiling in the friendliest manner, and spoke:

144,21. "Yes, yes, my beloved Joseph, the woman is right; go there and instruct the captain!

144,22. For look, the gates to my Kingdom that have been closed for a long time, must be opened to those who ask, seek and knock!

144,23. But you must not point the finger at Me, as My time has still not arrived; for as you know, everything requires its time!"

144,24. Hereupon Joseph kissed the Infant, and then went over to the captain and said to him:

144,25. "Come and listen! What you seek shall be given to you! And the captain listened to Joseph's speech with great joy.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-144 Chapter