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Chapter 145. – The captain asks about the coming of the Messiah. Joseph on the nature of the Messiah. The lesser priest's prophetic words on the destruction of the pagan temple. From the living temple in human hearts.

145,1. As the captain thus received the main tenets of God's teachings from Joseph, and consequently, some indications about the Messiah,

145,2. he became extremely pensive and after a while, asked when this Messiah would come.

145,3. Joseph answered and spoke: "This Messiah, through whom all men will be freed from the yoke of death, and who will reconnect the fallen earth with heaven, has already arrived!"

145,4. And the captain inquired further and asked: "So if this Messiah is already here, then tell me, where is He – and how can He be recognized?"

145,5. And Joseph replied: "I am not permitted to point Him out with my finger;

145,6. however, with regard to the marks of recognition, I can tell you a few things, so listen up!

145,7. See, to start with, the Messiah will be the living Son of the Supreme God, a God unknown to you until now!

145,8. An immaculate virgin will conceive him in a most miraculous way, solely through the power of the Supreme God!

145,9. And when He is conceived and then born, the fullness of God's supreme power will dwell within His flesh.

145,10. And so He will live physically on earth, His attendants and messengers will descend from the high heavens onto the earth and will serve him secretly, and many of them also openly.

145,11. He will bless all those, who will act according to His words and whose hearts become inflamed for him!

145,12. However, those who do not want to recognize Him will be judged by His almighty word which He has indelibly written on every man's heart!

145,13. However, His words will not be like those of a human being, but will be full of power and full of life; and whoever hears the words and keeps them subsequently in his heart, will never taste death!

145,14. In His nature he will be as gentle as a lamb and as tender as a turtledove;

145,15. But nevertheless, His subtlest breath will be obeyed by all the elements!

145,16. Although He will command the winds very softly, they will blow forcefully and will create furrows in the ocean until these reach to the bottom!

145,17. When He looks at the surging sea, the waters will become smooth as glass!

145,18. When He breathes on the earth, it will open up its ancient graves and will have to deliver all the dead by bringing them back to life!

145,19. And the fire will cool him who carries the Messiah's word alive in his heart. –

145,20. Now, dear captain, here you have the fundamental attributes of the Messiah, by which you will may easily recognize Him.

145,21. I am not permitted to say anymore about Him; but you will easily and shortly find out 'where He is'!"

145,22. This explanation made such a powerful impression on the captain that he hardly dared to speak any further.

145,23. He then went to the lesser priest to whom he had spoken earlier, and said to him:

145,24. "Did you overhear what this eminently wise Jew told me?"

145,25. And the lesser priest spoke: "I tell you: every single word pierced my marvelling soul!"

145,26. And the captain spoke: "So tell me, how will our gods' era come to an end in the future, when the Messiah of the world, described to me as being of such remarkable character, asserts himself in the full activity of His altogether divine power?"

145,27. And the lesser priest replied: "Did you not sense the power of the nocturnal hurricane three days ago?

145,28. On the mountain, – did you not see the sudden end of our former Apollo temple and all the subsequent signs thereafter?

145,29. See, that is just what will happen to Rome within a short time, – the temples will become dusty rubble!

145,30. And you will soon see that place where people are still making offerings to Zeus, as a disordered heap of stones; but instead, living temples will be built in the hearts of men!

145,31. In these hearts, every man will be able to make live offerings to the only true God anywhere and anytime, just like a priest! – I can tell you this much but no more! – Do you want more? Look, there are those, who know more than me; so do not question me any further!"

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-145 Chapter