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Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-146 Chapter

Chapter 146. – Further queries by the captain. Joseph on the nature of the Messiah. Love as the principal key to the truth. The company in the replicated Holy of Holies. The poor blind persons regain their eyesight.

146,1. The captain now asked the lesser priest no further questions but went straightaway to Joseph.

146,2. There he immediately narrated all he had heard from the lesser priest,

146,3. and immediately thereafter, asked Joseph how he should take all this.

146,4. And Joseph answered: "For the time being, hold onto all that has been said to you as the words are worth;

146,5. but wait most patiently for what comes in the future and you will fare best!

146,6. For look, the holy Kingdom of the Messiah does not lie in questions and answers,

146,7. but only in the patience, love, kindness and absolute surrender to the divine will!

146,8. For God cannot be rushed, forced and least of all, obtained through sheer stubbornness!

146,9. However, when the Lord considers it the right time, He will also lead you to higher revelation!

146,10. So establish an instant, living love towards the God I have revealed to you in all clarity; this will lead you to where you actually want to go in the shortest possible time!

146,11. Yes! – In one instance you will obtain more with such love than with a million dead questions!"

146,12. And the captain spoke: "Good, my most esteemed and wise friend! I will do all this; however, you must tell me how to love your God, about whom one knows still too little?"

146,13. And Joseph spoke: "Love God as you love your brother and as your possible bride!

146,14. Love your fellow men as genuine brothers and sisters in God, and you will thereby love God as well!

146,15. Do good deeds at all times and everywhere, and you will have God's grace!

146,16. Be merciful towards all, and you will find the true living mercy from God!

146,17. Furthermore, be calm, gentle and full of patience in all things, and avoid pride, arrogance and envy like the plague;

146,18. then the Lord will awaken a powerful flame in your heart,

146,19. and the powerful light of this spiritual flame will drive away all the obscurity of death, and you will find revelation within yourself, in which you will find all your questions answered in the most luminous and lively way!

146,20. Look, that is the right path towards light and life from God; that is the right love for God; walk along this path!"

146,21. As the captain received this powerful teaching from Joseph, he desisted from his many remaining questions and immersed himself in deep thoughts.

146,22. However, in the meanwhile, the youths had pulled the curtain wide open, and Joseph instantly saw that it was time to enter into this replicated Holy of Holies.

146,23. Already from a distance, loud calls of gratitude could be heard from the depth of this large hall from the poor persons who had eaten.

146,24. But when the radiant Cyrenius, together with Joseph and Mary with the Infant, entered the replicated Holy of Holies, the poor were beside themselves.

146,25. This sight induced many tears of joy and compassion in Cyrenius, and the same happened to Joseph and Mary.

146,26. Among them, there were several who were blind, lame and crippled in all kinds of ways; for there were hundreds of them.

146,27. Mary prayed secretly, took the cloth with which she frequently wiped the Infant, and then wiped the eyes of all the blind persons with this cloth; and they regained their eyesight! – After this deed, there was no end to the praise and glorification; therefore the company returned to the main hall for a while.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-146 Chapter