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Chapter 147. – The loud appeals from the sick people to Mary. Her reference to the Child Jesus. The healing of the sick. Their instruction through the angels. The captain searches for the miracle worker.

147,1. After a while, the exalted company returned to the replicated Holy of Holies and was again received with profuse praise.

147,2. The lame, the crippled and the otherwise afflicted cried: "O you glorious mother! You, who helped the blind, please also release us from our great agony!"

147,3. But Mary spoke: "Why do you call me? I cannot give you any help; for I am, like you, just a weak mortal maiden of my Lord!

147,4. But He, who I carry in my arms, can certainly help you; for the eternal fullness of the divine omnipotence dwells within Him!"

147,5. However, the sick people did not listen to Mary's speech, but shouted even more: "O glorious mother, help us, help us wretched souls, and release us from our agony!"

147,6. Then the Infant raised Himself up and stretched out His hand over the sick persons, and all were completely healed in an instant.

147,7. The lame sprang like deer, the crippled were straightened like the cedars of Lebanon, and all the other diseased were freed from their ailments.

147,8. And the angels went to all these poor people, told them to be silent and declared to them the proximity of the Kingdom of God on earth!

147,9. These occurrences brought our captain out of his contemplations, and he followed the company into the Holy of Holies.

147,10. On arrival there, he went straight to Joseph and asked him: "Exalted friend, what happened here? – I see neither blind nor lame, neither crippled nor other types of wretched people here anymore.

147,11. How?! – Have they all been healed by a miracle, or was their earlier wretched condition merely a sham?"

147,12. And Joseph spoke: "Go there yourself and talk about it with those who appear so mysterious to you! They will best be able to tell you what has happened to them!"

147,13. And the captain immediately did as Joseph had advised him; for asking questions had always been his weakness.

147,14. He got the exact same response from everyone; everywhere he heard: "I was healed by a miracle!"

147,15. And the captain came again to Joseph and asked him:

147,16. "Who among you worked the miracle? – Who among you has such miraculous powers? – Who among you is surely a God?!"

147,17. And Joseph spoke: "Look, there the poor ones who were healed are standing again!

147,18. Go over there once again and ask them; they will give you the right hint!"

147,19. And the captain immediately turned to the poor and asked them about the miracle worker.

147,20. The poor people spoke: "Look at the large company; the miraculous healing came from its centre!

147,21. The small Jewish woman appears to have the power – but how? The gods will know this better than us!"

147,22. The captain did not know more now than he did before.

147,23. Joseph spoke to the captain: "See, you are a rich Roman; take care of these poor people for the sake of God, and you will learn more! For now, however, content yourself with this!"

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-147 Chapter