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Chapter 148. – The rivalry between the captain and Cyrenius in performing good works. The perplexed captain and his instruction by Joseph.

148,1. As the captain heard this from Joseph, he did not ponder for long, but went to Cyrenius and spoke:

148,2. Imperial Consular Highness! His eminence has surely heard what the wise Jew advised this unworthy person?

148,3. I have immediately resolved to promptly follow his advice.

148,4. And so I request Your Highness to allow me to pursue my resolution of taking care of these poor people like my own children!"

148,5. And Cyrenius spoke: "My most honourable dear captain! I am sorry that I cannot accord you this lofty pleasure!

148,6. For look, just at this moment, I have taken them into my own care!

148,7. However, you need not be despondent about it; for you will still find enough poor people.

148,8. Follow the wise Jew's advice regarding them, and you will reap the same reward!"

148,9. The captain bowed to Cyrenius, went immediately towards Joseph and spoke:

148,10. "Now look, what can I do if Cyrenius has forestalled me? From where shall I get the poor now? For the poor from all over Ostracine have gathered here!"

148,11. And Joseph affably smiled at the captain and said to him:

148,12. "O my best friend! Do not worry about this at all; for there has always been a greater lack of everything else on earth than poor people!

148,13. See, it does not necessarily have to be blind, lame, crippled and diseased people!

148,14. Go and investigate the families in the houses, convince yourself of their multitude of needs, and you will immediately find any number of opportunities to put your surplus to work.

148,15. Look, on the whole, this city is anyway more of a ruin than just a somewhat reasonably thriving city!

148,16. Investigate only the half-dilapidated houses of many a citizen and you will immediately and clearly see that your concern regarding the lack of poor people is groundless!"

148,17. Here the captain said: "Dear wise friend, you are undoubtedly right;

148,18. but these poor will not be able to enlighten me much on the coming Messiah, as they, as well as I, are heretics compared to you!

148,19. Those ones here however, have now experienced so many miraculous things and might have gradually revealed a good many things to me!?"

148,20. And Joseph replied to the captain: "Oho, my dear friend! – Do you really think that the spiritual revelation lies with the poor?

148,21. Oh – you are greatly in error! – See, the revelation lies only in the love of your own heart and spirit! – When you practice love, the flame of such love will give you illumination, but never from the mouths of the poor!" The captain was satisfied with this explanation and from this time on did no longer ask what he should do.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-148 Chapter