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Chapter 149. – The question of the reparation of the old Carthaginian ship on the Sabbath. The Infant's speech on performing good works on the Sabbath. The disobedience of the law-abiding Joseph. The miraculous reparation of the ship by the angels.

149,1. After the had thus been put at ease, Cyrenius ordered the commander to fit out a ship for the next day, in which to take these poor people to Tyre.

149,2. But the commander spoke: "Imperial Consular Highness! To the best of my knowledge, there is only one old Carthaginian ship out in the harbour, which is in a very bad condition.

149,3. There are no shipwrights in this city, only really miserable carpenters here and there, who can barely bind a fishing raft together.

149,4. Correspondingly, it is highly questionable, as to how we will refit the old Carthaginian ship!"

149,5. And Cyrenius spoke: "Do not worry; the best advice for this will be got at once!

149,6. Look, that wise Jew is a greater master carpenter according to his craft, and so are his five sons!

149,7. I will ask him for advice, and I am certain that he will give me the best advice, especially in this matter!"

149,8. Here Cyrenius at once turned to Joseph and presented the matter to him.

149,9. Joseph spoke: "Friend and brother! It would be no problem, if only today were not our greatest Sabbath, on which we are not permitted to do any work!

149,10. But perhaps there are carpenters here, to whom our Sabbath is of no concern; I would happily give them directions."

149,11. However, the Infant raised Himself up and spoke: "Joseph! – Every man may perform good works as far as the Sabbath is concerned!

149,12. The celebration of the Sabbath is not so much about remaining idle throughout the day, but more about performing good works.

149,13. It is certain that Moses has strongly advised the celebration of the Sabbath, and in his commandments, has designated every unnecessary and menially paid work as an abomination before God;

149,14. however, Moses has never forbidden work according to God's will!

149,15. Nowhere in the law does it state that one should allow a brother to perish on the Sabbath!

149,16. However, as the Lord of the Sabbath, I say: Do good works also on the Sabbath, as this is the best way to celebrate it!

149,17. If apparently you, Joseph, do not dare to transgress the Law of Moses through the minor reparation of this ship, then My attendants will do this work at once!"

149,18. And Joseph spoke: "My divine little Son, You are right; but see, I have grown old with the law and do not want to transgress it even to all appearances!"

149,19. Then the Infant immediately called the youths and spoke: "So go forth and fulfil My will;

149,20. for Joseph pays greater heed to the laws than the Lawgiver and respects the Sabbath more than the Lord of the Sabbath!"

149,21. And the youths left the hall as quick as thought, brought the ship in working order in an instant, and soon returned.

149,22. All wondered at this speed, and many did not believe, that the ship was in working order. However, messengers soon arrived from the harbour, who notified the captain of this deed. Hereupon the whole company proceeded to the shore and inspected the ship and marvelled about the skill of these youths.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-149 Chapter