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Chapter 150. – The visit to the harbour. The valuable ship. Cyrenius' expression of gratitude to Joseph. The Infant's reply and advice on doing good to the poor.

150,1. Cyrenius carefully inspected the ship and estimated how many people could be accommodated on it.

150,2. And he found that, if necessary, at least a thousand people could be accommodated on it comfortably.

150,3. During this estimation, Cyrenius also convinced himself of the ship's extraordinary sturdiness and workmanship;

150,4. for it did not look as though it were an old and patched up ship; instead, the whole ship looked as though it were cast.

150,5. No seams could be seen, and the wood had no visible marks of annual rings, knots or other fibres and wood pores.

150,6. As Cyrenius convinced himself of all this and returned from the ship to the company on the shore, – naturally with his necessary entourage – he immediately went over to Joseph and spoke:

150,7. "My most exalted friend, you most fortunate man on earth! I do not anymore wonder about the miracles; for I now know only too well, that all things are possible with God!

150,8. I know that this is no manufactured or patched up ship, but one created fully anew; but I am not surprised about its.

150,9. For it would surely be as easy for the Lord to create a whole new world as it would to create such a ship; for the earth is, after all, a ship that carries a huge number of people on the sea of infinity!

150,10. But that you have now put me greatly in your debt, see, it makes me think as to how I could ever repay you?!

150,11. For look, this ship, which earlier resembled more of a wreck than a ship and was thus hardly worth a pound of silver, is now worth over ten thousand pounds of gold!

150,12. For it can now be used for a voyage via the Pillars of Hercules (Gibraltar) to Britannia, and for the circumnavigation of the whole of Africa up to India!

150,13. Indeed! – For its use in the world, such a creation cannot be paid with any amount of gold!

150,14. See, my most exalted friend, the repayment of this debt gives me much to think about!

150,15. If you would value gold, then as truly as your and now my God lives, you would get ten thousand pounds in seven days!

150,16. However, I know that you loathe gold, and thus it makes me sad now, that I will remain indebted to you, my greatest friend!"

150,17. And Joseph seized Cyrenius' hand, pressed it to his heart and wanted to speak; but tears welled up at the sight of this noble Roman.

150,18. Instead, the Infant sat up, smiled at Cyrenius and spoke: "My dear Cyrenius Quirinus! Truly I say to you: If you had accommodated just one poor person in My name, the value of your deed would have been higher than ten thousand such ships!

150,19. However, you have taken care of several hundreds within a short period of time and I would have to give you a great number of such ships to compensate you materiallly!

150,20. For look, a human being is worth more to Me than the whole world full of such ships! Therefore do not worry about your imagined debt!

150,21. Whatever you do for the poor, you do for Me; however, I will not reward you for it on earth but when you die, I will instantly awaken your soul and make you equal to My attendants here who repaired the ship!"

150,22. Here Cyrenius wept and declared that from now on, he would devote his life to the welfare of the poor and suffering human beings.

150,23. he Infant raised His hand, said Amen, and then blessed Cyrenius and the ship. –

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-150 Chapter