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Chapter 151. – The midday meal in the fortress. The captain goes in search of the poor in the city, his return and Cyrenius' praise. The Infant's words of blessing.

151,1. Hereupon the entire company again proceeded into the city and then to the fortress, where the midday meal was prepared fully according to Jewish custom.

151,2. All took their former places and fortified themselves with the delicious midday meal.

151,3. Only at the end of the meal did Cyrenius realize that the familiar captain was not among the guests.

151,4. "Where is he, what is he doing?" was the general topic at the Roman section of the table.

151,5. Cyrenius turned to Joseph and asked him about it.

151,6. And Joseph replied and spoke: "Do not worry about him; for he has gone to search for the poor in the city!

151,7. He is, of course, more interested in the discovery of the inner light than actually in the poor themselves;

151,8. however, this will not be detrimental to his cause, – for to the one who seeks, the right path will open up by itself!"

151,9. As Cyrenius heard this, he was overjoyed and praised the captain in his heart.

151,10. As all sorts of speculations regarding the absence of the captain were spreading about in the Roman section, the captain himself came to the company in very cheerful spirits and was instantly assailed by a thousand queries from all sides.

151,11. But the captain, who was himself very fond of questions, was, however, no less fond of answers.

151,12. He immediately went to Cyrenius and excused himself for missing the midday meal.

151,13. And Cyrenius shook his hand and spoke to him:

151,14. "Indeed, if we were standing before the enemy, and you would have left the battlefield for such a reason, you would not need to answer for it to me!

151,15. For truly, truly, as I now see, if we do good to even just one human being, then we do more than if we would win all the empires of the world for Rome!

151,16. The Lord God is more concerned about one human being than all the rest of the world!

151,17. Therefore we do a far greater thing before God when we take care of others as one brother does to another, physically – and, as far as possible, also spiritually,

151,18. than if we would campaign against several thousands of our worst enemies!

151,19. Yes, it is infinitely more praiseworthy before God to be a benefactor to a brother, than to be the greatest ever hero in this mad world!"

151,20. And the Infant added: "Amen, so it is, My Cyrenius Quirinus!

151,21. Continue on this path; indeed, no other path leads as surely towards everlasting life! – For love is life; whoever has love, also has life!" – Hereupon the Infant blessed Cyrenius and the captain with His eyes.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-151 Chapter