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Chapter 152. – The Infant Jesus' speech to Cyrenius during the handing over of the poor people. Cyrenius as precursor of Paul. A prediction on the fall of Jerusalem by the Roman sword.

152,1. The youths reopened the curtain after this discussion, and the entire company again went to the poor. And the Infant sat up and blessed the poor with His eyes.

152,2. Then He turned to Cyrenius and spoke to him in an extremely sweet voice:

152,3. "My beloved Cyrenius Quirinus! Look, these attendants of Mine, who you see here as tender youths, supervise the whole of creation in My name!

152,4. Every world and every sun must obey their slightest gesture;

152,5. and so you can see, that I have granted them unlimited power.

152,6. Just as I have handed over the orderly management of all creation to My attendants, I now hand over these far greater worlds of life to you!

152,7. Look, these brothers and sisters are more than an entire infinity full of celestial bodies and suns!

152,8. Yes, I tell you: One child in the cradle is greater than all the matter in the eternally endless space!

152,9. So bear in mind the magnitude of My gift to you and the high importance I give you!

152,10. Lead these poor people with all possible love, kindness and patience on the right path towards Me, and you will eternally reap an inestimable reward!

152,11. I, your Lord and your God, hereby make you a forerunner in the kingdom of the gentiles, so that he, who I will send to the gentiles hereafter, will be received well!

152,12. Subsequently, I will also send a forerunner to the Jews;

152,13. but I say to you: he will have a hard time! That what he will do by the sweat of his brow, you will be able to achieve in your sleep!

152,14. Therefore the light will be taken even from the children and handed over to all of you in all its fullness!

152,15. And hence, as a Child, I am planting the seed in you, which will some day give Me the tree on which the most precious fruits will eternally grow for My house.

152,16. However, I will curse the fig tree with the children which I planted in Salem already during the time of Abraham – in a city that I built through Melchisedech with My own hands – because it only bears leaves!

152,17. Truly, it has always caused Me to starve! I had the tree in Salem fertilized many times by good gardeners, and still it did not bear Me any fruit!

152,18. Therefore the city which I built for My children with My own hands will fall to you strangers before a century passes, for your brother's son shall take up the sword against Salem!

152,19. Just as you have adopted these poor people as your children, so I too will adopt you strangers as My children, and you will cast out the children!

152,20. Keep these words within you and act accordingly in secret; I however will always bless you with the invisible crown of My eternal love and mercy, Amen!"

152,21. These words caused all to fall silent. The angels lay on their faces, and no one dared to say or question anything. –

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-152 Chapter