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Chapter 153. – Cyrenius' query on the divine nature of the Child. Joseph's explanation on the living word of God in the prophets. The correction by the Child Jesus.

153,1. After a while, Cyrenius drew Joseph aside and said to him:

153,2. "My most exalted friend and brother! Did you hear what the Infant just told me?!

153,3. Did you hear, when He once said straight out: I – your Lord – and your – God?!

153,4. If I further take into account His willpower and the attendants from the heaven of the heavens, who at all times fall down on their faces whenever the little Boy speaks, then the Child is indeed – the one, eternal, true God and Creator of the world and of all that it contains?!

153,5. Friend! Brother! – What do you say to my confessions? – Is it not so? – Or is it something else?"

153,6. Here, Joseph was himself somewhat taken aback; for he considered the Child as a perfect Son of God, but not as the Supreme Being Himself!

153,7. Thus he spoke after a while: "To consider the Child to be God might be a little daring!

153,8. However, the Jews have always considered themselves as the Children of God – and thus as the Sons of God as well!

153,9. And this goes back to the times of father Abraham, who also was a Son of God, as are his descendants.

153,10. Furthermore, we have always had greater and lesser prophets, and when they spoke, God spoke through them, and God always argued and spoke through them in the first person.

153,11. Thus the Lord spoke once through Isaiah: 'For I am the Lord, your God, who sets the sea in motion so that its waves rage; – My name is: Lord – Sabaoth.

153,12. I put My word in your mouth and cover you under the shadow of My hands so that I may plant the sky and create the earth and speak to Zion: You are My people!'

153,13. See, when the prophet speaks in the first person, as if he himself were the Lord, he is nevertheless not the Lord, but it is only the Lord's spirit that speaks through the prophet's mouth!

153,14. And look, it must be the same also here; God has awoken a most powerful prophet in this Child and now speaks through His mouth at an early age, as He once did through the mouth of the boy Samuel!"

153,15. Cyrenius was calmed by these words; but the Infant called Joseph and Cyrenius and said to Joseph:

153,16. "Joseph, you know well that the Lord mostly speaks through the mouths of the prophets in the first person;

153,17. however, don't you know what the Lord once spoke through Isaiah, when He said:

153,18. 'Who is this who comes from Edom, with reddish clothes from Bozrah? This One who is glorious in His apparel, travelling in the greatness of His strength? –

153,19. 'It is I, a teacher of justice and a master helper!

153,20. 'Why is Your apparel red, and Your garments like one who treads in the winepress?

153,21. 'I have trodden the winepress alone, and no one is with Me from among the nations. For I have trodden them in My anger, and trampled them in My fury.

153,22. 'Their blood is sprinkled upon My garments, and I have stained all My robes!

153,23. 'For I have determined the day of vengeance; the year to redeem My own has come!

153,24. 'I looked around, but there was no one to help; and I was terrified, but no one saved me, instead My arm had to help me, and My fury held me back!

153,25. 'I have trodden down the nations in My anger, made them drunk in My fury, and struck their strength to the ground!' –

153,26. Joseph! – Do you know Him, who comes from Edom, and who has now arrived and is speaking to you: I am He, who teaches justice and who is a master helper!?"

153,27. At these words, Joseph laid his hand on his heart and silently worshiped the Infant.

153,28. After a while, Cyrenius quietly said to Joseph: "Brother! From the certainly very wise words of the Infant, it appears to me that I could be right after all?!"

153,29. And Joseph spoke: "Yes, you are right, and you must be all the more concerned about maintaining silence on this, if you wish to live!" – And Cyrenius engraved this warning deep in his heart and adhered to it all his life.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-153 Chapter