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Chapter 154. – The official questions of the captain. Cyrenius' negative reply. The conversation between the inquisitive captain and the beautiful angel.

154,1. After this scene, our captain came to Cyrenius and asked him how many men he should summon to the fortress to be at Cyrenius' service in the evening.

154,2. The captain asked this as he knew that Cyrenius would have his luggage brought aboard the ship that very evening, as well as the rations for the several hundred people he was taking along from Ostracine to Tyre.

154,3. Cyrenius looked at the captain and said: "My dear friend! If I should be taking care of these things only now, then I would have not taken care of it very well!

154,4. Still today, the provisioning of the new ship that will be transporting these poor people will be taken care of, so that none of them will be in need.

154,5. Have you not seen how quickly this Carthaginian ship was built by these youths?

154,6. See, in the same way, everything can and will be provided for!

154,7. With regard to my own ship, it has already been provisioned since a long time with a year's provision, and that for a thousand men in an emergency.

154,8. For this reason, no man needs to exert himself on my behalf, but should remain on his imperial duty."

154,9. The captain wondered at this response, particularly because Cyrenius usually gave a lot of importance to military etiquette.

154,10. He thereupon asked Cyrenius: "Your Imperial Consular Highness! Who are these youths then? Are they genuine Egyptian wizards, or are they perhaps demigods or famous magicians and astronomers from Persia?"

154,11. And Cyrenius spoke: "My dear friend, here is neither the one nor the other!

154,12. But if you want to know who these youths are, then go and ask one of them, and you will get to the heart of the matter through no fault of mine!"

154,13. The captain bowed to Cyrenius and instantly turned towards one of the youths present and asked him:

154,14. "Listen to me, my most amiable, most magnificent, most splendid-looking, who completely bewitches me, you who are glorious beyond my comprehension, you who are endlessly gentle, whose amazing beauty paralyzes my tongue, you u-t-t-erly – utterly lovely – young man!

154,15. Yes – um – what did – did – did – I then – actually want to ask you?"

154,16. And the youth, who, apart from the glory, blended into full heavenly beauty, hereupon said to the captain:

154,17. "You surely must know that? Just ask questions, you who are so fond of questions; I will willingly answer all of them!"

154,18. However, the captain was awestruck by the great beauty of the youth and could not utter a single word.

154,19. After a while, when he had gawked to his heart's content at the, for him, indescribable beauty of the youth, he requested the latter for a kiss.

154,20. And the youth kissed the captain and spoke: "This will create an eternal bond between us! – Just seek a closer acquaintance with that wise Jew, and you will get enlightenment on many things!"

154,21. However, the captain had fallen so deeply in love with this youth, that he couldn't help himself for all his love, and completely forgot his question.

154,22. And this love tormented him until the evening and was a mild punishment for the captain's hobby of asking questions; however, in the evening, he was again healed and had no further desire to approach such a youth.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-154 Chapter