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Chapter 155. – Cyrenius' worry about the ship. The angel's advice. Cyrenius' gratitude to Joseph and the Infant. Joseph's prediction of Cyrenius' adventure during the voyage.

155,1. In the evening, supper was prepared and consumed, whereupon arrangements were made for the departure on the following day.

155,2. However, according to Cyrenius' and his suite's knowledge, the new Carthaginian ship was not yet loaded or supplied with anything, and Cyrenius secretly worried about it a little.

155,3. But one youth walked up to him and said: "Quirinus! You should not worry about anything even secretly;

155,4. for look, that what worries you at present has been in the best order since a while!

155,5. All you need to do is to put your own house in good order during your absence; for we will take care of everything else in the name of the Lord God Sabaoth!"

155,6. Cyrenius trusted the youth's words – and did not worry at all anymore as far as the ship was concerned.

155,7. Hereupon Cyrenius called over the captain and handed over the management and provision of the fortress.

155,8. And as the captain again took up his usual duty,

155,9. Cyrenius called the commander to him, and gave him full authority over the military forces stationed in this city;

155,10. for with the Romans, a commander was not allowed to command the military forces at his own discretion in the presence of the governor, for the governor was, in a manner of speaking, all in all.

155,11. As Cyrenius finished with his arrangements, he went over to Joseph and spoke:

155,12. "My most exalted, yea, I should rather say, my holy friend and brother! How much have I to thank you and, most particularly, your most Holy Infant!

155,13. How, when, with what can I ever repay you this immense debt!?

155,14. You have given me Tullia; you have miraculously saved my life!

155,15. Yes, I cannot even count all the extraordinary and miraculous good deeds that you showed to me in the short time of my stay here!"

155,16. And Joseph said: "Friend! How long has it been since I was in great distress?!

155,17. You were sent to Tyre to become my rescuing angel of the Lord!

155,18. And see, one hand washes the other on the immense body of all mankind!

155,19. However, let us not speak of this anymore! Look, it has become evening! The villa is an hour's journey outside the city; therefore allow me now to depart for my house!

155,20. You and your companions have my and the Lord's manifold blessings; thus you may leave from here in confidence!

155,21. However, take along the three lions on your ship, and they will serve you well!

155,22. For there will be a storm and you will end up in Crete, and the rapacious Cretans will attack you.

155,23. And this is where the three lions will once again serve you well!"

155,24. Here Cyrenius was afraid; but Joseph comforted him and reassured him that no one would suffer even the slightest harm whatsoever.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-155 Chapter