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Chapter 156. – The gratitude of Maronius, the three priests and Tullia. Joseph's command to keep silent.

156,1. Hereupon Maronius Pilla came with the three priests to Joseph and thanked him for all the miraculous good deeds.

156,2. And Joseph cautioned him to keep silent on all that he had seen;

156,3. and Maronius as well as the three priests most solemnly promised to do this.

156,4. Hereupon Tullia came, fell down before Mary, and dissolved into tears of gratitude.

156,5. However, Mary bowed down together with the Infant, raised Tullia up and spoke to her:

156,6. "Be blessed by me in the name of Him, who rests in my arms! – Be always grateful in your heart, while bearing this Child in mind, and you will find your salvation in Him!

156,7. However, restrain your tongue and do not betray us to anyone!

156,8. For a time will come, when the Lord will reveal himself to the world!"

156,9. Then Mary dismissed the still sobbing Tullia.

156,10. Joseph spoke to Cyrenius: "Friend! Look, many of your entourage were witnesses to a good many miracles; for their own well-being, command them to keep silent on all that they witnessed!

156,11. For every traitor of this wholly divine matter will meet with death, if he does not keep silent!"

156,12. Cyrenius pledged to do as such to Joseph and assured him, that no one would find out a single thing.

156,13. Joseph praised Cyrenius and finally reminded him of the promised eight children, the five girls and three boys.

156,14. And Cyrenius spoke: "O friend, that will be my foremost concern!

156,15. However, just one more question: Look, I must go to Rome this year because of Tullia!

156,16. My brother Augustus Caesar, who as you know, already heard about a few things from me, will certainly ask me more.

156,17. What should I tell him? To what extent can I initiate this noble person into this secret?"

156,18. And Joseph spoke: "You can tell him a few things, but only in private.

156,19. However, remind him that by keeping silent, he will remain undisturbed in his imperial status, and so would his descendants!

156,20. If he drops even a word anywhere, God will instantly punish him!

156,21. And should he revolt against the Almighty, then he, along with Rome, will perish instantly!"

156,22. Cyrenius fervently thanked Joseph for this; and Joseph blessed him and then proceeded with his entire family to the villa.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-156 Chapter