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Chapter 157. – The Infant Jesus' affectionate conversation with James. The burden and heaviness of the Lord for those, who carry Him in their hearts. The sudden inability to speak of the hitherto eloquent Child Jesus.

157,1. Outside of the city, Mary handed over the Infant to James; for she had become tired by carrying Him in her arms all day long.

157,2. And James was overjoyed that he could once again carry his Beloved.

157,3. However, the Infant opened His eyes and spoke: "My dear James! – You certainly love Me with all your heart!

157,4. But if I should become really heavy for you, would you then still love Me?"

157,5. And James spoke: "O my most beloved little Brother! – Even if You weighed as much as me, I would still carry you, with a burning heart, in my arms!"

157,6. The Infant spoke: "My brother, I certainly will not become too heavy for you just now,

157,7. but a time will come, in which I will become a great burden to you!

157,8. Therefore it is good that you are even now lovingly getting accustomed to My weight;

157,9. thus when the hard times come, you will be able to carry My full weight as easily as you carry Me now as a Child!

157,10. I tell you: Whosoever has not carried Me as a Child, will succumb under My full weight in the future!

157,11. But I will be as little a burden even in adulthood to him who carries Me in his heart as a small and weak Child, as you now do in your arms!"

157,12. And James, not understanding these lofty words, kissed and cuddled the Infant and asked Him:

157,13. "O my most beloved little brother, my Jesus! – Will You then allow Yourself to be carried even as a man?"

157,14. The Infant spoke: "You love Me with all your might, and that is enough for Me!

157,15. I prefer your simple-mindedness to the wisdom of the wise, who calculate a great deal and make predictions, but whose hearts are colder than ice while doing so.

157,16. What you do not yet understand now, you will grasp at the right time!

157,17. Look, I am only a Child of a very young age;

157,18. and see, My tongue is already loosened up and I talk to you as a mature man!

157,19. If I were to remain like this, then I would be two beings at once, a Child to the eye – and a man to the ear.

157,20. Thus things cannot remain like this! I shall not speak to anyone but but you for a year;

157,21. but you will hear My voice only in your heart!

157,22. When I again speak to you with my mouth, your eyes will perhaps see Me as more manly, but your ears will only hear childish talk through My lips!

157,23. I have now told you this, so that you do not get annoyed with me then – so be it!"

157,24. Here the Infant was again completely speechless and behaved just like any other infant. – And while this discussion went on, they had already reached the villa.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-157 Chapter