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Chapter 159. – Eudokia's astonishment and restlessness due to the sudden disappearance of the youths. Mary's soothing words. The night's sleep. Eudokia's longing for Gabriel, his sudden appearance and his advice.

159,1. As the youths disappeared, Eudokia asked Mary, as to who these youths actually were.

159,2. For Eudokia was still a gentile and knew nothing of the extraordinary secrets of heaven.

159,3. However, on this occasion, even the gentiles could see the angels because throughout that time, their inner eye was kept open;

159,4. and the disappearance of the angel was nothing more than the closing once more of the spiritual inner vision, –

159,5. for this reason, even the disappearance of the angel appeared to Eudokia as an awakening from a profound dream.

159,6. She now felt quite natural again, and everything she had seen, heard and done throughout the day appeared to her as a very animated dream.

159,7. Hence even Eudokia's above question to Mary is excusable;

159,8. for she was now again in her external, pagan state.

159,9. And Mary replied and spoke: "Eudokia, we will be staying together for a while, and everything that is obscure to you will now become clear!

159,10. However, let us retire now; for I am extremely tired!"

159,11. Eudokia was outwardly satisfied with this consolation; but desire rose in her heart.

159,12. Joseph said: "My children, it has become night; close the doors and retire for the night!

159,13. For tomorrow is anyway the after-Sabbath, on which we do not work; we will then still be able to speak of a good many things!

159,14. For today, however, praise the Lord and do as I have recommended!

159,15. You, James, prepare the cradle and bring the Infant to bed, and put the cradle next to the mother's bed!

159,16. And you, Eudokia, also go to your bedchamber and strengthen your limbs with a sweet sleep in the Lord's name!"

159,17. And Eudokia immediately went into the room intended for her, and lay on her bed, but sleep eluded her;

159,18. for she was too excited by her ardent emotions caused by the disappearance of the youths.

159,19. For she had fallen in love with Gabriel and did not know what to do, as the object of her heart had disappeared so suddenly in front of her eyes.

159,20. However, when all was quiet and asleep, Eudokia arose and opened the window and looked out.

159,21. Suddenly Gabriel stood before her and spoke: "You must calm down your heart!

159,22. For look, I am not a human being like you, but only a spirit and a messenger of God!

159,23. Worship the Infant; for He is the Lord, who will soothe your heart!" – Hereupon the angel disappeared, and Eudokia calmed down.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-159 Chapter