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Chapter 160. – James' childlike-merry game with the Infant. Joseph's reprimand and James' outstanding reply. Eudokia's dream and marvellous testimonial of the Lord.

160,1. As usual, an hour before sunrise, all of Joseph's house was already lively, and also the Infant kicked about energetically in the cradle and made happy baby sounds that almost sounded like singing.

160,2. James played with the Infant in his way and demonstrated to the Lord of infinity all sorts of movements with his hand and thereby sang and whistled.

160,3. Mary, however, was still in bed and sleeping; thus Joseph, absorbed in his morning prayer, mildly reproached James for making such a noise and for his lack of respect for the prayer and the still sleeping mother.

160,4. James, however, apologized and spoke: "Dear father, see, the Lord of the heaven and earth is taking great pleasure in my activity with Him!

160,5. We should always do only that which gives pleasure to the Lord!

160,6. And see, the Lord takes pleasure in what I do! Why should you be displeased?

160,7. The mother would certainly not sleep so well, if the two of us, me and the Infant, would not be so noisy!

160,8. I beg you, dear father, to consider me excused for this and not reproach me further if in my calling, I sometimes appear too boisterous, but thereby still please the Lord!"

160,9. And said: "Yes, yes, it is all right, – I am happy to see how good you are with the Infant;

160,10. but do not make so much noise in future, when you see that someone is still asleep and someone else is in communion with God!"

160,11. James thanked Joseph for this admonishment, and then asked him:

160,12. "Father! When you pray to God, as you now prayed, to which God do you then pray?

160,13. From what I now know of this Child, the most emphatic testimonials of heaven show that it is impossible that there is any greater or more true God than this Infant!

160,14. And when this is the case according to the prophets and according to the many miraculous testimonials?

160,15. When it is written in the Prophets: 'Who is this who comes from Edom, with blood-red robes from Bozrah? This One who is glorious in His apparel, travelling in the greatness of His strength? – It is I, a teacher of justice and a resourceful Master!

160,16. Father! – Yesterday the Infant referred to Himself with these words in front of you! Who is He then? For no man can say such things about himself! – There is only one God!

160,17. So who is the Infant, the One who says: 'I am He, who teaches justice and who is a resourceful master!'?"

160,18. Here Joseph was taken aback and spoke: "Indeed, my son James, you are right; you are better off next to the cradle - than me here in my prayer corner!"

160,19. At these words, Eudokia came from her room, full of supreme delight and as beautiful as the red dawn, and fell down before the cradle and worshiped the Infant.

160,20. And after she prayed for half an hour, she arose and spoke: "Yes, – yes, You alone exist, and besides you, no one exists anymore!

160,21. In a dream tonight I saw a sun in the heaven, and it was empty and had little light.

160,22. But then I saw this Infant on the earth, and He shone like a thousand suns, and a powerful beam went from Him to the empty sun and illuminated it through and through!

160,23. In this beam I saw the angels who were here, floating about; they were infinite in number; however, their faces were incessantly turned toward the Infant! Ah! It was so magnificent!" –

160,24. This narration brought Joseph completely out of his prayer corner, and he now also held the infant in the highest esteem and often prayed at the cradle.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-160 Chapter