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Chapter 161. – Mary's and Joseph's worry because of the Infant's abrupt muteness. Their doubts about the genuineness of the Child. Mary's futile attempt to heal a blind person with the Infant's healing bathwater. "Do you not know that God should not be tested?" (James). The healing of the blind man through James at the inner behest of the Infant Jesus.

161,1. At this time Mary awoke as well, rubbed the sleep out of her eyes, immediately stood up and washed herself and, in the adjoining room, exchanged her nightgown for day clothes.

161,2. In a short time, she returned fully clean, looking like a heavenly angel, so beautiful, so good, so devout and with so much thoughtful surrender to the Lord's will!

161,3. She greeted Joseph and kissed him, then embraced Eudokia and kissed her.

161,4. After this friendly greeting, which always brought tears of joy in the elderly Joseph's eyes, Mary, in great humility and with a heart full of love, knelt at the cradle and nursed the Infant while praying.

161,5. After the Infant was fed, Mary had fresh bathwater prepared and bathed the Infant as usual.

161,6. And the Infant kicked about energetically in the basin and diligently made His inarticulate voice heard.

161,7. As the Infant was bathed and dried and dressed in clean clothes and foot wrappings,

161,8. Mary asked the Infant how He felt and if the fresh clothes made Him feel good.

161,9. For she knew that the Infant could speak, and that too with divine wisdom; – but she did not know, and no one besides James knew, that the Infant had again tied His tongue.

161,10. Therefore all were taken aback when the Infant did not respond to Mary's question.

161,11. Thereupon Mary implored the Infant to speak a little; but the Infant only made baby sounds and no word could be discerned!

161,12. This alarmed both Mary and Joseph, and they thought that perhaps the angels had taken the Child of God to heaven at night and left a completely ordinary child in the cradle in His place.

161,13. For the belief in the exchange of children was prevalent among the Jews.

161,14. Mary, as well as Joseph, anxiously looked at the Infant and wondered whether He were still the same One as before,

161,15. but could not discover even the slightest dissimilarity, neither about the head nor anywhere else.

161,16. Then Mary said: "Collect the bathwater and search for a sick man, and bring him here;

161,17. for until now, this water has always had the power to heal!

161,18. If the sick man is healed, then the Infant is ours, and if not, then it has pleased the Lord to give us another child in the place of His own Child!"

161,19. Here James wanted to speak, but the Infant distinctly forbade him to do so in his heart, and he kept silent.

161,20. Joseph immediately sent his eldest son to the city to bring a sick man.

161,21. In one-and-a-half hours, his son returned with a blind man, and Mary washed the blind man's eyes with the bathwater; but the man did not regain his sight.

161,22. This occurrence saddened Mary, Joseph, the four sons and Eudokia; only James remained cheerful and took the Infant and caressed Him.

161,23. The blind man complained, because he thought that he had been made a fool of.

161,24. Joseph, however, consoled him and promised him a lifelong provision of food as recompense for the supposed mockery. – With this, the blind man was appeased.

161,25. Joseph noticed James' cheerfulness and considered it a sin against him as the father.

161,26. But James said: "I am cheerful, because I know where I stand; you, however, feel sorrow because you do not know this! – Do you not know that God should not be tested?"

161,27. Here James breathed on the blind man, who instantly regained his sight; all marvelled now at James and did not know what to think.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-161 Chapter