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Chapter 16. – The visions near the cave. The midwife's dream and her prophetic words. The midwife with Mary and the Child. Salome, her sister, doubts Mary's virginity.

16,1. The woman agreed and followed Joseph to the cave; and when they arrived there, the cave suddenly became enveloped in a thick white cloud, so that they could not find the entrance.

16,2. The midwife was greatly surprised at this phenomenon and said to Joseph:

16,3. "This day, my soul experienced something extraordinary! – I had a most wonderful vision this morning, where everything formed itself just as I now have seen it in reality, as I still see it and as I will see more of it!

16,4. You are the same man, who came towards me in my vision; and I also saw the whole world standing still in the middle of its activities, and I saw the cave, how a cloud covered it; and I spoke with you as I have just now spoken.

16,5. And I even saw something more marvellous in the cave, as my sister Salome arrived, who was the only one to whom I confided my vision this morning!

16,6. Therefore, I say now also in front of you and God, my Lord: Israel has experienced a great salvation! A saviour came, sent from above, in the time of our greatest need!"

16,7. After these words of the midwife, the cloud quickly drifted out of the cave and light of such power flowed out of the cave towards the midwife and Joseph that their eyes were unable to bear it, and the midwife said: "So everything is true, which I saw in the vision! – Oh man! you fortunate one, here is more than Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses and Elijah!" –

16,8. After these words were spoken, the light became more and more bearable and the Infant became visible just as it took to the mother's breast for the first time.

16,9. The midwife now entered the cave with Joseph and looked at the Infant and its mother, and when she found everything so perfectly resolved, she said:

16,10. "Truly, truly, this is the saviour celebrated by all the prophets, he who will be free of bonds even in the womb, to signify that he will lift all the restrictions of the law!

16,11. But since when did anyone see a newly born child reach already for its mother's breast!?

16,12. This evidently shows, that this Child, when becoming a man, will judge the world by love and not by the law!

16,13. Listen, you fortunate husband of this virgin, everything is in the best of order; therefore, let me leave the cave, for I it now starts to weigh heavily on my breast since I feel I am not pure enough to bear the holy proximity of my and your God and Lord!"

16,14. Joseph was completely taken aback upon hearing these words of the midwife. – And she hurried out of the cave into the open.

16,15. As she stepped out of the cave, she met her sister Salome outside, who knew about her vision and had followed her, and immediately said to her:

16,16. "Salome, Salome! come and see my morning vision confirmed in reality! – In the fullest truth the virgin has given birth to what human wisdom and nature may never understand!"

16,17. Salome said: "As truly as God exists, I cannot believe that a virgin gave birth until I will have examined her with my own hands!"

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-16 Chapter