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Chapter 17. – The doubting Salome's request to Mary. Salome's testimonial of Mary's untouched virginity. God's Judgment. The angel's instructions to Salome. Salome's recovery.

17,1. After Salome had said this, she entered the cave and said:

17,2. "Mary, my soul is preoccupied with a big conflict; therefore I ask you to prepare yourself, that I examine you with my experienced hands, and that we shall see how your virginity appears!"

17,3. Mary willingly agreed to the demands of the unbelieving Salome, got ready and allowed herself to be examined.

17,4. However, when Salome touched Mary's abdomen with her searching hand, she raised an enormous howl and she shouted very loudly:

17,5. "Woe, woe for my Godlessness and my great disbelief, that I wanted to test the everlasting God! – for look, look here! – my hand burns in the fire of the Divine wrath over woeful me!!!"

17,6. After these words she threw herself on her knees in front of the Infant and said:

17,7. "O God of my fathers ! You almighty Lord of all magnificence! Remember me, that I also am a seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!

17,8. Do not make a fool out of me in front of the sons of Israel, but give me back my healthy limbs!"

17,9. And look, thereupon an angel of the Lord stood next to Salome and said to her: "God the Lord has heard your entreaty; go to the Infant and carry It, and through this you will experience a great salvation!"

17,10. As Salome heard this, she kneeled in front of Mary and asked her for the Infant.

17,11. Mary willingly gave her the Infant and said to her: "May it serve your salvation according to the saying of the angel of the Lord; may the Lord have mercy upon you!"

17,12. Salome took the small Child in her arms and held it as she kneeled, and as soon as she had the Child in her arms, she said:

17,13. "O God! You almighty Lord of Israel, who rules and reigns from eternity! – In all the fullness of truth, a king of kings is born here in Israel, who will be mightier than David was, the man after God's heart! I shall laud and praise You forever!"

17,14. After these words Salome was soon fully healed again, and she returned the Child to Mary with the most heartfelt contrition and left the cave vindicated.

17,15. As soon as she was outside, she wanted to scream out aloud about the greatest miracle of all miracles and had already begun to tell her sister about what had happened to her.

17,16. But suddenly a voice came from above and said to Salome: "Salome, Salome! Do not tell anyone what extraordinary events have happened to you; for the time will come, when the Lord will show Himself through words and acts!"

17,17. A this point Salome fell silent and, according to Mary's wish, Joseph stepped out to ask the two sisters to come back into the cave so that nobody should notice what marvel had happened there. – And both humbly returned into the cave.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-17 Chapter