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Chapter 18. – The Holy Family's night's sleep in the cave. The angel's songs of praise in the morning. The adoration of the shepherds. The angel's words of explanation to Joseph.

18,1. When all had gathered in the cave, Joseph's sons asked their father (viz Joseph):

18,2. "Father, what shall we do now? Everything is taken care of! Our bodies are tired from travelling; can we not lay down and rest?"

18,3. And Joseph spoke: "Children! you see what an infinite grace came to all of us from above; and to this end you shall stay awake and praise God with me!

18,4. For you also saw, what Salome experienced in the cave since she was disbelieving; henceforth, we shall not be sleepy when the Lord visits us!

18,5. Go to Mary and touch the Infant; who knows if your eyelids may not become strengthened as if you would have had a long and refreshing sleep!"

18,6. Joseph's sons went and touched the little Child; and the Child smiled at them and stretched Its little hands out to them, as if It recognized them as brothers.

18,7. Thereupon everybody was greatly astonished and they said: "Indeed, this is no ordinary child! For who has ever experienced, that someone was greeted so ecstatically by a new-born child?

18,8. Besides, we now also feel strengthened in all our limbs, as if we had never made a journey, and were at home on a morning with our bodies totally rested!"

18,9. Thereupon, Joseph replied: "See, so my advice was good. However, now I notice that it is starting to get quite cool; therefore bring the ass and the ox here! The animals will lay around us and will give us some warmth through their breath and perspiration; and we shall also lay close to Mary!"

18,10. And the sons did as he said. And as they brought the animals close to Mary, they immediately laid down on the main part of Mary's bed and breathed diligently over Mary and the Infant and it warmed them quite well.

18,11. The midwife said: "Indeed, this can not be insignificant in front of God, even the animals serve, as if they had reason and sense!"

18,12. Salome said: "O sister! The animals here seem to see more than us! – While we hardly dare to think, the animals already worship the One who created them!

18,13. Believe me, sister, as truly as God exists, as truly as the promised Messiah is here in front of us; for we know, that never during the birth of even the greatest prophets have such marvels occurred!"

18,14. But Mary spoke to Salome: "God the Lord showed great mercy in that you behold That before which my soul trembles!

18,15. Keep silent just like the angel of the Lord advised you; for otherwise you could be the cause of our bitter end!"

18,16. Salome solemnly promised to keep her silence forever and the midwife followed her sister's example.

18,17. And now everything in the cave became quiet. In the first hour before sunrise, mighty songs of praise were heard outside of the cave.

18,18. Immediately, Joseph sent his eldest son to see what it was and who was singing outside so powerfully in praise of the Lord.

18,19. Joel went out and saw that every space in the skies was filled from top to bottom with uncountable myriads of shining angels. Astonished, he hurried back to the cave to tell everyone what he had seen.

18,20. All were greatly astonished at Joel's report and went out to convince themselves of its truth.

18,21. After having witnessed such glory of the Lord, they returned to the cave and bore witness to Mary as well. And Joseph said to Mary:

18,22. "Listen you purest virgin of the Lord, the fruit of your loins is indeed conceived of the holy spirit of God, as all heaven now proves!

18,23. But what will happen to us, now that all the world will now surely come to know of what happened here? For not only we, but all other men now see the evidence shining for us through all the heavens – for I have just seen many shepherds, and how they turned their faces heavenward!

18,24. And they sang with the same voices along with the mighty choirs of angels, which now – visible to everybody – fill all the heavens from top to bottom all the way down to the earth!

18,25. And their song sounded like that of the angels: "Descend, o heavens, upon the righteous! May peace be with all people on earth who are of good will !' – And: 'God in heaven shall be honoured in Him, who comes in the name of the Lord!'

18,26. Look, oh Mary, the world will see and hear such things; therefore they will come here and they will follow us, and we will have to flee over hill and dale!

18,27. So I think that we should move from here as soon as possible and, as soon as I have been registered – which should already happen this morning –, we should return to Nazareth and from there over to the Greeks, some of whom I know quite well. – Don't you agree with me?"

18,28. Mary said to Joseph: "But you can see that I cannot leave this shelter today; therefore let us trust in the Lord! He has led us and protected us so far; so He will surely continue to lead and truly protect us ever so faithfully!

18,29. If He wants to reveal us to the world, tell me: where shall we flee, where His heaven would not be able to discover us?!

18,30. Therefore His will shall be! – Whatever He wants will be right. Look, here on my breast rests the One, whom all this concerns!

18,31. And this One will stay with us, so the great glory of God will also not leave us, wherever we would want to flee!"

18,32. Mary had hardly finished speaking, when behold, two angels were already standing in front of the cave as leaders of a group of shepherds, and they made it known to the shepherds that the One, for whom their songs of praise were meant, was born here.

18,33. And the shepherds entered the cave, and kneeled in front of the Infant and worshiped It; and the angels came also in bands and worshiped the Infant.

18,34. But Joseph, together with his sons, looked astonished towards Mary and the small Child and said: O God, what is this? – Did You Yourself assumed flesh in this Child?

18,35. For how could it be possible then, that He is even worshipped by Your holy angels? If you are present, O Lord, then what is with the temple now – and with the Holy of Holies?!"

18,36. And an angel stepped towards Joseph and said to him: "Do not ask and do not worry yourself; for the Lord has chosen the earth as the scene of His mercy, and has now visited His people, as He has foretold through the mouths of His children, His servants and prophets!

18,37. What now takes place in front of your eyes, is according to His will, as He is holy, most holy!"

18,38. At this point the angel left Joseph, and went back to worshiped the little Child, who smiled with open hands at all the worshippers.

18,39. As the sun rose, the angels disappeared; but the shepherds stayed and inquired with Joseph, about how all these events could possibly have happened.

18,40. But Joseph said: "Listen, as miraculously as the grass grows out of the ground, so also did this miracle occur! Now who knows, how the grass grows? – Just as little am I able to tell you about this wonder, too! God wanted it this way; this is all, that I can tell you!"

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-18 Chapter