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Chapter 19. – Joseph's concerns about the registration. The midwife's report to the Roman captain Cornelius. The captain's visit to the cave. Joseph and Cornelius. Cornelius' peace and joy being near the Child Jesus.

19,1. The shepherds were satisfied with this answer and did not ask Joseph any further, and they left them and then brought various refreshments as offering to Mary.

19,2. When the sun had already been shining on the earth for an hour, Joseph asked the midwife:

19,3. "Listen to me, my friend and sister from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob! – See, the registration greatly worries me and I wish nothing else than to get it over with!

19,4. But I do not know where in the town it is taking place, so leave Salome here with Mary, but lead me and my sons to the Roman captain who conducts the registration!

19,5. Maybe we will be received immediately, for we will surely be the first to arrive there?"

19,6. And the midwife said to Joseph: "Gracious man, listen to me! – The captain, Cornelius from Rome, lives in my house, which is one of the first in the town.

19,7. And he has his office there as well. Although he is a pagan, he is otherwise a good and righteous man; I will go and tell him everything, except for the miracle, and I believe that everything will be solved!"

19,8. Joseph was pleased by this proposal, as he anyhow felt a great timidity towards the Romans, and especially regarding the registration; therefore he asked the midwife to do as proposed.

19,9. So the midwife went and found Cornelius, who was still young and liked to sleep late in the morning, still in his bed, and she informed him of all that was necessary.

19,10. Cornelius got up immediately, threw his toga on and said to the landlady: "Woman, I believe everything you say; but I still want to go there with you, as I feel a strong urge to do so!

19,11. According to your story it is not far from here, and I will be back in time at my workplace! So lead me there now!"

19,12. And the midwife was pleased about this, and brought the honest, young captain with whom she was well acquainted, to the cave, where he stood in front and said to her: "O woman, how easy it is to visit my Emperor in Rome, and yet how hard it is to step into this cave!

19,13. That has to be something exceptional! – Tell me, if you know any reason; for I know that you are an upright Jewess!"

19,14. The midwife said: "Good captain of the great Emperor! Just wait for one moment out here in front of the cave; I will go inside and bring you the answer!"

19,15. And she went and told Joseph, that the good captain himself was waiting in front of the cave, and that he would like to enter, but for some inexplicable reason he did not dare to do so.

19,16. As Joseph heard this, he was moved and said: "O God, how good are You, that you even turn into joy that of which I was most afraid! – Therefore all praise and all honour shall be yours alone!"

19,17. After these words, he hurried out of the cave and threw himself at Cornelius' feet, saying: "Upholder of the great Emperor, have mercy on this old man! See, my young wife, who was given to me by lot in the temple, gave birth here last night, and I just arrived here yesterday, therefore, I was not able to report myself to you immediately!"

19,18. And Cornelius said, while lifting up Joseph: "O man! do not worry, everything is well! But let me step inside and see how you are settled!"

19,19. And Joseph led Cornelius into the cave. When he looked upon the Infant, and saw how It smiled at him, he was astonished at such behaviour and said: "By Zeus, that is rare! I feel like a newborn, and never have I felt such peace and joy inside me! – Indeed, today I shall have a holiday, and remain your guest."

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-19 Chapter