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Chapter 163. – The duties of Joseph's sons. Mary's skill. Eudokia's diligence. The arrival of the eight children from Tyre. Joseph's noble message to Cyrenius. Mary as teacher to the eight children.

163,1. In this way, everything in Joseph's house was once again in its good old order.

163,2. Joseph and his sons made all sorts of small wooden appliances and sold them at reasonable prices to the inhabitants of the city;

163,3. and they naturally did this work besides their other housework.

163,4. Mary and Eudokia provided the family with the household needs, made clothes and sometimes also did embroidery work for the wealthy families in the city.

163,5. For Mary was highly skilled in the art of spinning and knitted entire garments;

163,6. Eudokia, however, was a deft seamstress and was good with needlework.

163,7. And so the family always earned enough for the essentials of life, and had so much, that they could even help out other poor families in times of need. –

163,8. Only after three months did the eight children from Tyre arrive – accompanied, of course, by the trustworthy friends of Cyrenius –

163,9. and they brought with them an enormous allowance, amounting to eight hundred pounds of gold.

163,10. Joseph said: "I gladly accept the children, but not the gold; for the Lord's curse is upon it!

163,11. Therefore take it back with you and give it to Cyrenius, and he will know why I cannot and may not accept it!

163,12. However, convey my blessings and greetings to him,

163,13. and tell him that I was with him in spirit during his homeward journey and was a witness to all that happened to him,

163,14. and have always blessed him whenever danger threatened him!

163,15. He should not be concerned over the loss of the three animals on the island of Crete, for that was the will of the Lord, whom he knows!"

163,16. Thereupon Joseph blessed Cyrenius' friends and accepted the eight children with great joy, and the children instantly felt at home in Joseph's house.

163,17. Hereupon Cyrenius' friends took back the gold and promptly returned to Tyre.

163,18. Joseph praised God for the addition of these children, blessed them and assigned Mary with the task of supervising them, for she was a head schoolmarm, and had received a comprehensive education thereto in the temple.

163,19. And the children learnt reading and writing in Greek, Hebrew and also Latin.

163,20. For almost everyone had to be able to speak these three languages and, on occasion, also write them. (Note: At the time, the Roman language had about the same importance as the French language has today, and was an indispensable part of a good education.)

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-163 Chapter