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Chapter 164. – A quiet year in Joseph's house. The miraculous healing of the Negro family's possessed boy through James at the Infant Jesus' behest.

164,1. From this period onwards, things became very quiet in Joseph's house and nothing miraculous occurred.

164,2. And this quiet state continued for one full year, as the Infant could walk by Himself and talk and play with the other eight children.

164,3. During this time, a negro family with a very sick child came to Joseph's house.

164,4. For this family had heard in the city that there was a miracle doctor in this house who could cure all illnesses.

164,5. The sick child was a ten-year-old boy and was wretchedly tormented by an evil spirit.

164,6. The spirit did not leave the boy in peace either by day or by night, threw him around and made his stomach swell up, thereby causing him excruciating pain.

164,7. Every now and then the spirit drove the boy into the water and sometimes into the fire.

164,8. But when this spirit was in Joseph's house, it was quiet and did not stir.

164,9. Joseph asked the boy's father, who understood Greek, about the reason for the boy's condition.

164,10. And the father gave a faithful account of the boy's state right from the beginning.

164,11. Hereupon Joseph called James, who as a sixteen-year-old youth was busy with the Infant as usual, and told him about the distress of this negro family.

164,12. James turned to the Infant and hugged Him and spoke to Him in his heart.

164,13. The Infant, however, loudly spoke in Hebrew:

164,14. "My brother! It will not be My time for yet a while; but go to the sick boy whose race carries the sign of Cain!

164,15. Touch his chest cavity with the forefinger of the left hand, and the evil spirit will instantly and eternally depart from the boy!"

164,16. And James immediately went to the boy and did as the Infant had ordered.

164,17. Then the evil spirit tore at the boy for the last time and shouted:

164,18. "What do you, dreadful spirit, want with me? Where shall I go now, as you have prematurely driven me out of my house?!"

164,19. And James spoke: "It is the Lord's will! – The sea is not far; you will live at the bottom of the sea, at the spot where it is deepest, and sludge will be your dwelling place henceforth, Amen!"

164,20. Here the spirit left the boy, and the boy was instantly restored to health.

164,21. Hereupon the family wanted to reward Joseph; but Joseph did not accept anything and let the family depart in peace and praised God for this miraculous healing of the boy.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-164 Chapter