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Chapter 165. – The one-and-a-half-year discontinuance of miracles. Jesus as a lively little boy. James' visit to the fisher Jonathan. St. Christopher or the Infant's weight of the world. The homecoming accompanied by Jonathan.

165,1. From this episode onwards, another six months passed in complete tranquillity and nothing miraculous occurred.

165,2. For with inner power, the Infant diligently avoided anything that could have eventually led to a miracle.

165,3. He was lively and played with the other children when they had time;

165,4. otherwise He most of all liked to be around James and conversed with him most intelligently, when they were alone.

165,5. With the other children, however, He chatted just like any other two-year-old.

165,6. An emigrant Jew lived in the region, who operated a fishery at the nearby sea with which he earned his living.

165,7. This Jew was a giant in size and had immense physical strength.

165,8. Soon after breakfast on a pre-Sabbath morning, James took the Infant, with Joseph's permission, and went to this Jew, whose house was a good hour away in a straight direction.

165,9. James did this because this Jew had often invited him and because the Infant had secretly instructed him to do so.

165,10. As James with the Infant arrived at the fisher's house, the latter was delighted and immediately served James a well-prepared fish.

165,11. And James ate as much as he desired thereof and gave choice pieces to his little Brother to taste.

165,12. And the Infant ate the small portions that James put in his mouth with visible appetite.

165,13. This pleased the fisher so greatly that he was inadvertently moved to tears by it.

165,14. James soon wanted to return home;

165,15. but the fisher implored him to stay with him for the day.

165,16. "In the evening", he spoke, "I will carry you home, together with your most beloved little Brother!

165,17. For look, you needed one-and-a-half hours to come here because you had to go around this inlet, which is quite shallow throughout!

165,18. But due to my height of almost two fathoms, the water hardly comes up to my torso, even where it is deepest!

165,19. I shall take you on my arm, together with the Child, wade across the inlet and easily carry you home within fifteen minutes, along with a good amount of the best fresh fish!"

165,20. Here the Infant said: "Jonathan! Your will is good; but what will happen if I and My brother become too heavy for you?"

165,21. And Jonathan smiled and said: "O You dear Child, even if you were a hundred times heavier than you are, I could still easily carry you!"

165,22. And the Infant spoke: "Jonathan, let us put this to a test; try to carry Me alone back and forth across this inlet, which is barely fifty fathoms wide, and we will be able to see if your strength is sufficient for both of us! – ?"

165,23. Jonathan immediately accepted this test, and with James' consent, took the Infant on his arm and waded with him across the inlet.

165,24. The journey across the inlet was manageable, although Jonathan greatly wondered about the heaviness of the Infant.

165,25. But on the return journey, the Infant was so heavy that Jonathan needed a strong beam to support himself, and could carry the Infant back to the shore only with the greatest difficulty.

165,26. Upon arrival at the shore, he set the Infant down where James was waiting, and spoke: "For Jehovah's sake, what is this? The whole world cannot be as heavy as this Child! – ?"

165,27. And the Infant spoke smilingly: "Certainly; for you have now carried much more than the weight of the whole world!"

165,28. Jonathan, who had barely recovered from the shock, asked: "How am I to take this?"

165,29. James said: "Dear Jonathan, take the fish, and accompany us to our house via the dry route, and stay with us tonight; tomorrow you will be enlightened on this matter!"

165,30. Hereupon Jonathan took three casks of the best fish and accompanied both of them that morning to Joseph's house. Joseph received him with great joy, for they had been school friends during their youth.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-165 Chapter