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Chapter 166. – Jonathan at the house of Joseph, a friend of his youth. Jonathan's narration and question about Joseph's strange Child. Joseph's report on the Child. Jonathan's humility and love for the Child and his prayer.

166,1. Jonathan handed over the three casks of fish to Joseph, thereby making him very happy; for Joseph was very fond of fish.

166,2. Then he said to Joseph: "Dearest friend of my youth, so tell me, what sort of Child you have!

166,3. Indeed, he is two or three years old at the most but he speaks as if he were an adult!

166,4. And – look, – I, – who can carry two oxen under my arms, just as you can carry two lambs, – wanted to keep James and the Infant with me for the whole day and bring them home to you in the evening by wading across the inlet with them!

166,5. As I expressed my wish to James, the Infant spoke to me to my great amazement:

166,6. 'Jonathan, your will is good; but what will happen if I and My brother become too heavy for you?!'

166,7. It goes without saying that I smiled at the Infant's concern because I am aware of my strength!!

166,8. But thereupon the Infant said to put this to a test; I should try to carry him alone back and forth across the inlet, and convince myself that it would not be too difficult for me to carry both!

166,9. With James' consent, I took the Infant in my arms and carried him across the water.

166,10. It was manageable to get across; however, for the return journey I had to use a beam to support myself, and could only reach the shore with the greatest difficulty.

166,11. For indeed, dear friend, you can believe me when I say that the Child was so terribly heavy that I almost believed I was carrying the weight of the world in my arms!

166,12. As I reached the shore, I quickly handed over the Infant to James and recovered a little,

166,13. and I asked James, what all this was – how could this Child be heavier than a world?

166,14. Then the Infant again said, unasked,

166,15. that I had carried more than the weight of a whole world!

166,16. Friend, your James is a witness to everything! – I now ask you about it and say:

166,17. For Jehovah's sake, what sort of Child do you have? Indeed, there is something supernatural here!"

166,18. And Joseph spoke to Jonathan: "My old and most upright friend, if you can be as silent as the grave – for otherwise your life would be in great danger –, I would like to tell you something!"

166,19. And Jonathan swore to keep silent and spoke: "I swear by God and all the heavens! – I will burn to death a thousand times if I ever breathe a word of this to anyone!"

166,20. So Joseph took him to his favourite hill and narrated the entire sequence of events regarding the Infant, for Jonathan had never heard anything about this before.

166,21. Jonathan, as he heard the brief outline of the story, knelt down and prayed from the hill to the Infant, who was presently playing amongst the eight other children,

166,22. and at the end of his long prayer, he spoke: "O Salvation of Salvations! My God, my Creator has visited me! I have carried Him, who carries all the world and all the heavens, in my arms!? – O you infinite Grace of Grace! O you earth, are you worthy of such grace!? – Yes, I now understand the words of the Child of God: 'You have carried more than the world!'" – Hereupon Jonathan kept silent and, in his delight, could not speak a single word for one hour.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-166 Chapter