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Chapter 167. – Joseph's convivial invitation to Jonathan. Jonathan's misgivings and confession of his sins. Joseph's advice. The Infant's favourite food: Jonathan's heart. Jesus' testimonial of Jonathan.

167,1. As Jonathan had offered his prayer in such a spirited manner, Joseph spoke to him:

167,2. "My dear friend, you live alone in your hut with your three assistants.

167,3. As today is a pre-Sabbath day, you will, in any case, not catch any fish; so stay with me today as well as for the Sabbath tomorrow!"

167,4. And Jonathan spoke: "Yes, my friend and brother, if it were not for the Child of God, I would have certainly stayed with you;

167,5. but look, I am a sinful man impure in all the parts of my being!

167,6. For since I live among heathen, I have hardly thought about Moses' laws and live more according to pagan than Jewish customs.

167,7. And so I cannot stay where the Almighty Himself lives!"

167,8. And Joseph spoke: "Brother, your reasoning is fine; but I cannot accept it!

167,9. For look, the Lord, who has shown such mercy even to all the heathen, will certainly be more merciful towards you, a repentant Jew!

167,10. You only need to love Him and can be sure that the Lord will also love you beyond measure!

167,11. For look, the eight children and Eudokia are heathen, and the Infant nevertheless goes about with them and loves them beyond all measure!

167,12. So He will also welcome you most affectionately and will treat you as He treats his best friends!"

167,13. After these words, Jonathan took heart and, with Joseph, went down the hill and returned to the house, where the midday meal had long been prepared.

167,14. Joseph now called everyone to the table. Mary took the Infant and sat, as usual, next to Joseph at the table.

167,15. The Infant, however, did not want to eat the milk dish that was prepared for him.

167,16. And this worried Mary, for she thought that the Infant might not be feeling well.

167,17. But the Infant said: "Why are you worried about Me?

167,18. See, Jonathan has brought me better food; I will eat this and it will truly satisfy My hunger!"

167,19. Mary, however immediately thought that the fish, which had been placed on the table last, were implied.

167,20. The Infant spoke: "Mary, you have misunderstood Me!

167,21. For I do not mean the fish, although they naturally taste better than this milk from yesterday, which is already sour, and which Joel took instead of fresh milk to make a mush for me.

167,22. However, the great humility and the deep love of his heart (of Jonathan's, namely), which he has often demonstrated to Me, without knowing Me – that is what I mean!

167,23. I tell you, Mary, Jonathan is a man of strong limbs but the love in his heart is still more powerful!

167,24. And this love that he has for Me is the most strengthening food to satisfy My hunger now! – I shall also eat his fish; but I do not like the sour mush!" – This made Jonathan so happy that be began to weep.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-167 Chapter