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Chapter 168. – Joel's badly-prepared mush. Mary's and Joseph's reprimand. The Infant's leniency towards Joel. Suggestions for upbringing.

168,1. Here Mary first tasted the mush which Joel had prepared for the Infant, and found it indeed somewhat sour and having a fine semolina-like consistency.

168,2. So she immediately called Joel, who was still very busy in the kitchen with the roasting of the fish.

168,3. As he came, the mother sternly said: "Joel! Just taste the mush!

168,4. Do you have so little respect for the Child, for father Joseph and for me, the faithful wife of your father, to do something like that to me?!

168,5. Do our cows and goats not have any more fresh milk in their udders?

168,6. Why did you take yesterday's milk that had already turned sour, and that one can drink cold when one is thirsty, but not cooked as it is harmful, particularly for small children?!"

168,7. Here Joseph tasted the mush as well and was preparing himself to sternly reprimand Joel.

168,8. But the Infant sat up and spoke: "O you human beings! – Why do you want to outbid Me everywhere?!

168,9. Is it then not enough what I remarked about Joel? Why then do you want to condemn him after Me?

168,10. Do you think that I take pleasure in such severity on your part? – O no! – I am pleased only with love, kindness and patience!

168,11. Joel has certainly committed an offence through his carelessness,

168,12. which is why I punished him with My reproachful remark! This punishment is sufficient; why should he be the recipient of another reprimand as well as an angry outburst on top of it?

168,13. Every father should rightfully punish small unruly children with the rod; but he should always be a wise and gentle teacher to grown-up sons!

168,14. Only if a son opposes his father should he be threatened!

168,15. If he repents, he should again be left in peace as before;

168,16. however, if he does not repent, he should be disowned and drive out of his father's house and the land of his fathers!

168,17. Joel, however, has not committed a crime; only the craving for fish did not allow him enough time to milk a goat!

168,18. He will surely never do this again; therefore let him be completely forgiven!"

168,19. Then the Infant called Joel and spoke "Joel! – If you love Me, as I love you, then do not cause your father and mother such anxiety in the future!"

168,20. Joel was so deeply touched that he began to cry and knelt down before the Infant and asked Him, Mary and Joseph, for forgiveness.

168,21. And Joseph spoke: "Rise, my son, that for which the Lord has forgiven you, is also forgiven by me and mother!

168,22. Go now and check the fish!"

168,23. And the Infant swiftly added to this: "Yes, yes, just go; otherwise the fish will be overcooked and not be good; for I Myself want to eat of it!"

168,24. The other eight children were so pleased with this concern that they laughed loudly in happiness.

168,25. The Infant Himself heartily laughed along with them and created quite a cheerful mood among all the table companions, and Jonathan's eyes were filled with of tears of joy.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-168 Chapter