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Chapter 169. – The fish meal. The Infant's warning to Joseph because he was not served, and Joseph's negative reply. The Infant Jesus' significant reply and prediction of Mary's deification. The humble Infant's words of blessing.

169,1. In a short while, Joel brought the roasted fish on a grill and placed it on the table.

169,2. Joseph promptly served a good portion to everyone, including himself;

169,3. but he naturally did not serve the Infant, for He was of course to share with His mother.

169,4. On this occasion, however, the Infant was not satisfied with this, and desired a full portion.

169,5. Then Joseph said: "Oh my dearest little Son, My Jesus, that would certainly be too much for You!

169,6. For firstly, it would be impossible for You to finish it, and secondly, if You did eat it, it would make you sick!

169,7. Do You not see that I have hence served Your mother a larger portion, because she has to feed You?!

169,8. So just be very calm, my little Son, for You will get a fair share!"

169,9. And the Infant spoke: "I know that – and I also know a few things that you do not know!

169,10. However, it would have been fitting, if you had also served the Lord a full portion!

169,11. Do you really know who Melchisedech, the king of Salem, was? – You do not know!

169,12. However, I know it and I will tell you: the king of Salem was the Lord Himself; but apart from Abraham, no one was supposed to know this!

169,13. That is why Abraham bowed to the ground before Him, and voluntarily gave Him a tithe of everything.

169,14. Joseph! – I am the same Melchisedech, and you are the same Abraham!

169,15. Why do you not want to give me a tithe of these good fish?

169,16. Why do you leave it to the mother to decide for Me? – Who, after all, has created fish as well as the sea? Was it Mary – or I, a king of Salem from eternity?!

169,17. See, I am here on My own from eternity, and you are not even willing to give Me a full serving of fish? – Now that is most unusual indeed!

169,18. Therefore it will come to pass one day that men will place far greater portions before My birth mother than before Me.

169,19. And I will have to conform to that what is given to my Mother, and that will be far from Melchisedech's order!"

169,20. Joseph, however, did not know how to respond to this. He promptly divided his portion and gave the Infant the larger half.

169,21. The Infant spoke: "Whoever gives Me something and keeps a part of it for himself does not know Me!

169,22. Whoever want to give Me, must give Me everything, otherwise I will not accept it!"

169,23. Here Joseph happily placed also his portion in front of the Infant.

169,24. The Infant raised His right hand and blessed both portions and spoke:

169,25. "Whoever gives me a whole thing gains a hundredfold! Take back the fish, Joseph, and eat! Give Me only the leftovers!"

169,26. Here Joseph took back the fish and ate a large amount of it. Even after he ate his fill, there was still so much left that it would have sufficed for twelve people. And the Infant then ate the leftovers.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-169 Chapter