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Chapter 170. – Jonathan's question about Joseph's inner position on the Infant and Joseph's reply.

170,1. After this table scene, which had induced Jonathan to shed many tears of joy and also of remorse, he asked Joseph:

170,2. "Joseph, my old childhood friend, tell me sincerely – how infinitely happy you must feel when you consider the greatness of your calling?!

170,3. What do you feel when you look at the Infant and your living and believing heart tells you: 'See, the Infant is God Jehovah Sabaoth!

170,4. Who talked with Adam, Enoch, Noah, as well as with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob;

170,5. who freed this land from slavery through Moses and Himself gave the law in the wilderness;

170,6. and fed the large number of people for forty years in the wilderness, in which nothing grew but briers and thistles here and there;

170,7. who spoke through the mouths of the saints and the prophets'?

170,8. O Joseph, do tell me! – What do you feel in the presence of Him, who created heaven and earth?!

170,9. Yes, He who created the angels and made the first human couple and filled them with life with His eternally living breath!

170,10. Or – tell me! – Is it even possible for you to talk when you think these things over?

170,11. Does the sight of the Child not bind your tongue, so that you have to keep silent out of too great a reverence for Him, the eternal One?"

170,12. And Joseph replied to Jonathan: "You are right in asking me this;

170,13. but think about it yourself, – what shall I do?! That is the way it is, and I must bear with the Almighty as if He were a lesser being, otherwise it would be impossible for me to exist!

170,14. See, God is, after all, God, and we are His creatures! – He is everything, and we all are nothing!

170,15. This ratio is arithmetically correct. Now can you, by the highest flights of imagination, suggest an amendment to this ratio?

170,16. Look, that is why your questions are futile! Even if I had a heart as large as the earth, and a head as large as the heaven, and would draw feelings and thoughts towards myself, before which all the angels trembled, –

170,17. say, what service would I thereby render Him, who carries the entire infinity, just as I carry a grain of sand, in His right hand?!

170,18. Would I thereby become more human and God less of a God?!

170,19. See, that is why your question is futile! – All I can do is to love the Infant with all my might and render Him the necessary service that He demands from me!

170,20. However, I leave aside all other lofty thoughts, knowing full well that my most exalted and greatest thoughts are an empty and conceited naught compared to the greatness of God!"

170,21. This reply got Jonathan's mind onto other things, and he no more asked such questions to Joseph.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-170 Chapter