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Chapter 172. – Jonathan's excessive reverence and humility before the Infant Jesus. Joseph's good advice and the Infant's affectionate words of consolation. Jonathan's stay.

172,1. After Jonathan had recovered a little from his astonishment at the Infant's words, he spoke to Joseph:

172,2. "Brother! Indeed, although I had firmly decided to remain with you today and tomorrow, I will hardly be able to adhere to my plan!

172,3. For look, here everything appears to be too holy! I feel as if I am in the wilderness, in which everything that the wanderer looks at, calls out to him: 'This is no place for you, but only for spirits!'

172,4. I feel like I am on an extremely high mountain, whose summit initially charms the senses with its commanding view;

172,5. but rather soon the cold and pure air says to him:

172,6. 'You indolent and impure human beast of burden, go back to your stinking homeland!

172,7. For here, where the purest spirits of the purest ether sway, is no place for an impure soul to stay!'

172,8. How pure the great prophet Moses was; but the Lord, when Moses desired to see Him, nevertheless said to him:

172,9. 'You cannot see and live Me, your God, at the same time!'

172,10. Here is the same Lord in the fullness of His Holiness, – He is here, the One who was proclaimed by all the prophets!

172,11. As I am an old sinner according to the Law of Moses, how long will it be possible for me to bear His visible presence here?!"

172,12. Joseph spoke: "Dear friend and brother, you well know what the main law is; why do you then prefer to return to your house rather than observe this Law by living by it?

172,13. Love the Lord with all your might, and do not constantly think about your sins, and you will surely be more agreeable to the Lord than through your constant proclamations!

172,14. Wait, until the Infant dismisses you! – If that happens, then you may believe that you are unworthy of Him;

172,15. however, as long as this is not the case, stay, – for nowhere will you be more at home than here!"

172,16. Here the Infant joined them and spoke: "Joseph! You are right, in that you have mildly admonished him; why is he so obstinate and does not want to stay here, when I am so fond of him?!"

172,17. Hereupon the Infant turned to Jonathan and said:

172,18. "Jonathan! – Do you really not want to stay here? What evil thing do you think will happen to you, that you do not want to stay here?"

172,19. And Jonathan spoke: "My God and my Lord! See, I have greatly sinned against the law!"

172,20. The Infant said: "What sins are you talking about? I do not detect any in you!

172,21. Do you know who a sinner is? – I tell you: He who is without love is a sinner!

172,22. You, however, have love, and so you are not a sinner before Me; for I have forgiven you your sins, because I, as a Lord of infinity, am above Moses!" –

172,23. Here Jonathan wept and made a new decision to stay, and approached the Infant and cuddled and caressed Him.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-172 Chapter