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Chapter 173. – The Child Jesus as light as a feather. Jonathan's astonishment. The Infant's profoundly wise words on the burden of the Law of Moses. Moses had established the entire law in the love for God. The law has remained, but the love has died away. "... I will make the life of those who adhere to the letter of the law as restricted as the eye of a needle."

173,1. However, as Jonathan cuddled and caressed the Infant, the latter spoke to him:

173,2. "Jonathan, try to carry Me once more now; I will not seem as heavy to you as I was across the inlet!"

173,3. And in great joy, Jonathan took the Infant in his arms and found Him as light as a down feather.

173,4. Then he said to the Infant: "My God and my Lord! – How am I to understand this?!

173,5. There by the sea you seemed to me as heavy as the weight of the world; but here you seem to me to be as light as a down feather!"

173,6. And the Infant spoke: "Jonathan, everyone will fare the same as you!

173,7. For My great burden is not within Me, but in the Law of Moses!

173,8. When you did not know Me but only the Law, and carried Me on your shoulder, it was the weight of the Law and not My own weight that pressed on your shoulder with the weight of a world.

173,9. Now you know Me, the Lord over Moses and over the Law, in your heart, and see, the Law's burden is not anymore with Me, the Lord of the Law!

173,10. It will be the same for all the upholders of the law in the future!

173,11. Truly, I say to you: Those who are righteous according to the law will howl and grind their teeth;

173,12. but the Lord will sit at the table in the houses of the sinners and will heal them and accept them as His children!

173,13. I shall seek those who are lost, and I will heal, redeem and liberate the sick, the hardened prisoners and the troubled;

173,14. but the ones righteous according to the law will move out of My house unjustified!

173,15. Truly I say to you: I will praise the collectors and sinners in My house;

173,16. but I will heavily burden those who are righteous before Me in My house!

173,17. Yes, – a prostitute shall anoint Me, and I will draw the guilt of an adulteress in the sand, and the sinners shall touch Me;

173,18. but accursed will be the upholder of the law or the scribe, if he touches Me!

173,19. I will pull out of the grave those who were killed by the burden of the Law;

173,20. but I will make the life of those who adhere to the letter of the law as restricted as the eye of a needle."

173,21. Horrified at these words, Joseph said: "But Child, what terrible things are you saying!?

173,22. The law has also been given by God, how then can a sinner be better than a righteous man!?"

173,23. The Infant said: "God certainly made the law; but not for worldly reason, but for the heart! And Moses himself had established the entire law in the love for God!

173,24. Although the law has remained, the love has died away long since!

173,25. However, a law in which there is no love, is worthless to everyone, and whoever obeys it without love, is its dead slave!

173,26. That is why I prefer a pagan and a free sinner to a dead and chained slave of the Law!"

173,27. Here Joseph fell silent and thought about these words; the Infant, however, began to chat about childish things with Jonathan and His James.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-173 Chapter