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Chapter 174. – The evening on the hill. Joseph's and Jonathan's viewing of the full moon. The Infant's hint on vast knowledge in contrast to vast love. The 'face' of God. The nature of the moon.

174,1. As it had already become evening and the moon had just risen over Ostracine,

174,2. Jonathan admired its beautiful form from this hill, feasted his eyes on it and was silent.

174,3. Joseph noticed this and asked Jonathan: "Brother, what do you see in the luminous moon's disk that you observe it so attentively?"

174,4. And Jonathan replied and said: "Actually I see nothing – apart from the old unchanging spots.

174,5. However, whenever I see the moon, I always think about what these spots are, what the moon actually is, why we sometimes do not see it at all, sometimes see it as a crescent, and sometimes as it is now?

174,6. If you know more about this, please tell me, – for I really like to talk about such matters!"

174,7. And Joseph spoke: "Dear friend! In this respect we are exactly alike;

174,8. and I have as much knowledge about the strange nature of this star as you.

174,9. And so I can tell you very little on this subject! – The Infant will certainly know more than I do; therefore ask him what you have asked me!"

174,10. With some trepidation, Jonathan asked the Infant about the nature of the moon.

174,11. And the Infant said: "Jonathan! As soon as I show you the moon, you will also want to see the sun and after that, the innumerable stars!

174,12. Tell me, when will your curiosity ever come to an end?

174,13. See, too much knowledge makes the head heavy and life on earth uneasy!

174,14. However, a great deal of love in the heart for God and your brothers makes life on earth agreeable and takes away all fear of death!

174,15. For this love is, in itself, everlasting life; whoever has it will also get to see all creation!

174,16. For the true lover of God will see His face! – And that is the face of God, which he created through his wisdom and through His eternal omnipotence!

174,17. For the wisdom and the omnipotence is the face of God, just as love is His essential nature since eternity!

174,18. However, as you have already asked Me about the moon, I say to you: it is an auxiliary earth and has mountains, valleys, fruits, animals and beings of your type.

174,19. But the part that you see is free and uncovered and empty and has neither water nor fire.

174,20. Only the part that you do not see is similar to the earth;

174,21. its light comes from the sun, and its changing light is due to its position and alters every minute according to its rotation around the earth. – And its spots are deeper and darker places of trial.

174,22. Now you know what the moon is; are you satisfied with that?" – And Jonathan answered in the affirmative and immersed himself in deep thoughts.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-174 Chapter