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Chapter 175. – Mary and the Infant Jesus in a heartfelt and jesting conversation on the hill. Joseph and Jonathan during their 'moon meal'. The sudden lunar eclipse.

175,1. As Mary, together with Eudokia, had completed her household chores, she also went to the hill, preceded by Eudokia.

175,2. And the Infant ran towards her and joyfully jumped around His lovely mother.

175,3. Mary took the rather heavy Infant in her somewhat tired arms and caressed Him and jokingly said:

175,4. "Well, you are heavy today! You must have surely nibbled a lot and eaten too much honey, butter and bread?"

175,5. And the Infant spoke: "It was certainly a big deal! First a little jar, which can be concealed in James' hand!

175,6. Then a piece of bread that may not even be exposed to the wind, to prevent it from instantly soaring into the air like a dry leaf!

175,7. Surely one cannot become very heavy from this!

175,8. I must tell you that I am actually quite hungry and already look forward to the evening meal.

175,9. See, Joseph and Jonathan have earlier feasted on the entire moon and are still hungry, although they grown;

175,10. so how could I, who has to still to grow, have had enough to eat!"

175,11. And Mary spoke to the Child: "My little Son, you are really difficult again today!

175,12. See, if Joseph and Jonathan had feasted on the moon, then it would not shine down so beautifully from the sky!"

175,13. And the Infant said: "Woman and mother! I am not naughty; it is only that you have misunderstood Me!

175,14. Just go to those two, and they will immediately give you a part of the moon to taste also!"

175,15. Here Mary smiled, went over to Joseph and greeted him, and asked him what he was thinking about so deeply,

175,16. and why he and Jonathan gazed so diligently at the full moon.

175,17. And Joseph hardly observed Mary and said: "Do not disturb me in my contemplation;

175,18. for I want to decipher something with Jonathan now! Jesus gave us hints, which must be worked out, so be silent now, and do not disturb us!"

175,19. Here Mary looked at the Infant, who secretly smiled, and the Infant spoke:

175,20. "Do you see, how Joseph and Jonathan even now feed on the moon? But just wait here patiently, and fetch Me a piece of bread and a bitter orange through James!

175,21. For Joseph's and Jonathan's feeding off the moon has made Me even hungrier than I already am."

175,22. And Mary instantly sent James to fetch what the Infant wanted.

175,23. Then she asked the Infant how long the two of them needed to complete the deciphering of the moon.

175,24. And the Infant spoke: "Just watch; today, right away, there will be an eclipse of the moon that will last about three hours!

175,25. However, the two of them do not know why this happens; that is why they, and particularly Jonathan, will seriously believe that they have consumed the moon!

175,26. And this phenomenon will bring this contemplation to an end.

175,27. I will thereafter instruct them again, as I usually do, whenever it is needed.

175,28. But first the two of them have to come up against it and have their calculations come to naught!"

175,29. The Infant had hardly finished speaking these words, when the moon acquired a dark brown impression.

175,30. Jonathan noticed this first and showed it to Joseph.

175,31. Joseph naturally noticed the same and still more, as the eclipse grew with every moment.

175,32. This frightened both of them, and Joseph immediately asked the Child: "What has happened to the moon?"

175,33. And the Infant spoke: "You can see that I am eating, why do you disturb Me? – Wait until I have finished eating the bitter orange, just as you have finished with the moon, then I will speak further!"

175,34. Hereupon Joseph fell silent, and as the moon went into a total eclipse, both he and Jonathan became frightened. All had to return home now, and Jonathan seriously thought that he had consumed the moon.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-175 Chapter