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Chapter 176. – Continuation of Joseph's and Jonathan's contemplation of the moon. A light over the shaded moon.

176,1. Upon reaching home, Jonathan spoke to Joseph: "Brother! What will come of this most critical event?

176,2. By my poor life, just look outside the window! The whole moon has already been swallowed whole!

176,3. And now it is ominously dark out there!

176,4. Yes, yes, I have often heard from the most scholarly pagans that man should not count the stars in the sky and also not look at them too attentively, –

176,5. for then it might easily fall down upon the earth!

176,6. And if a man should encounter his own guiding star, and if this should fall down, then that man is completely lost!

176,7. The moon is, after all, also a star in the sky and can be subject to the same strange laws!

176,8. And it is possible that we have struck it, and it has partially fallen on the earth's surface somewhere; for I saw a lot of particles fly away (shooting stars).

176,9. Or we are now obsessed with the moon and have become moonstruck, which would be a great calamity for us!

176,10. One thing is definitely the case! The fact that the moon does not exist anymore can be grasped; but whoever has consumed it, or where it went, is quite another question!"

176,11. And Joseph spoke: "You know what, I have often heard that the moon occasionally eclipses, as does the sun.

176,12. And this could easily be the case now, although I cannot remember ever having seen anything like it before!

176,13. However, I have heard from old people that sometimes the angels of God polish these two heavenly lights as we do with a lamp, when the wick gets a trim,

176,14. during which time it naturally gets a little dark on the earth. And this could well be the case now!

176,15. For the fable that a dragon begins to devour the two stars is very foolish and is nothing but the darkest paganism."

176,16. While Joseph and Jonathan were thus talking about the moon, it began to emerge on the other side.

176,17. And the children and Joseph's sons noticed this and said: "Look, look, the moon is reappearing!"

176,18. Both of them looked outside, and Jonathan was greatly relieved to be able to see the moon again.

176,19. Here Joseph again asked the Infant how such a thing could have happened.

176,20. The Infant said: "Allow the wretched moon to first come out of the earth's shadow, then we will see if it has changed!

176,21. The earth is not an infinite body, but is as round as the bitter orange I ate earlier,

176,22. and floats freely in an infinite space; that is why the sun's rays can shine upon it at all times from all sides.

176,23. So the great earth must also cast a shadow, and if the moon comes under this, it becomes dark; as otherwise, it too is illuminated by the sun. However, I will say no more!" – Here Joseph and Jonathan looked at each other and did not know how to respond to this.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-176 Chapter