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Chapter 177. – Jonathan's astonishment about the spherical shape of the earth. Jesus as 'professor of natural sciences'. Preparations for the evening meal.

177,1. After a while, Jonathan said to Joseph: "Brother! Who could have even dreamt of the fact that the earth is an enormous sphere?!

177,2. So we live only on the surface of this globe?

177,3. But what should I make of the oceans? Do they also belong to the sphere – or does the actual solid globe float on the same?"

177,4. Here the Infant intercepted and spoke: "To spare you from missing out on your beneficent sleep with all your speculations, I must help you come out of your dreams!

177,5. Come closer, and you, James, quickly get me a fairly round bitter orange!"

177,6. As the bitter orange was brought, the Infant took it in His hand and spoke:

177,7. "Look, this is the earth! – I now want this bitter orange to completely resemble the earth on a miniature scale, and to have mountains, valleys, rivers, lakes, oceans and also townships, wherever they have been built by man. – Let it be so!"

177,8. At that moment, there was a perfect globe in miniature in the Infant's hand.

177,9. One could see the ocean, the rivers, the lakes, the mountains, and also the cities on this globe, – which, through the "So be it!" had in fact grown a hundred times the size of the bitter orange.

177,10. Everyone pushed forward to view this marvellous miniature earth.

177,11. Joseph soon discovered Nazareth and Jerusalem on it and was astonished at the extraordinary accuracy.

177,12. Eudokia soon found Thebes in her homeland and was astonished at the accuracy.

177,13. Likewise, Rome was found, and quite a few other known places.

177,14. The inspection of this globe took more than one hour and just seemed to go on forever.

177,15. Even Mary liked this small earth so much that she became greatly animated by looking at it.

177,16. And the eight children were so smitten by the globe that they stared at it as if they were turned to stone.

177,17. The Infant now explained the nature of the earth in detail, just as a professor of geology would, and all understood his speech.

177,18. But as the Infant had finished his explanation, He spoke to James:

177,19. "James! – Now take a piece of string and suspend this globe freely somewhere, so that those who are curious can also find something to do tomorrow!

177,20. For today, however, let us leave this earth in peace and retire for the night; that is, after the evening meal;

177,21. for I have become hungry and thirsty, while you have lived off the moon and the earth!"

177,22. And Joseph immediately ordered the Joel, the head cook, to prepare supper and to put it on the table. And Joel went with the other three brothers and prepared a good supper.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-177 Chapter