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Chapter 178. – The supper. Jonathan's request to return home, and his secret plan. The Infant's successful alternative suggestion. Jonathan's obedience and homecoming.

178,1. After the supper had been prepared and consumed, Jonathan said to Joseph:

178,2. "Brother, you will have too little room; so let me go in this fair night to my house, where a suitably large bed is prepared for me!

178,3. I will be with you tomorrow again, an hour before sunrise!"

178,4. But Joseph said: "Brother, if you have no other worry than a suitably large bed for yourself, then you may cheerfully remain here;

178,5. for there is no lack of this in my house!

178,6. See, there on the left side of the outer court is a door that opens to a most spacious private room!

178,7. I have already had a bed prepared for you in this room!

178,8. I think it will be big enough for you; so you may just as well stay here!"

178,9. And Jonathan spoke: "Brother, you are very good to me, and I now know only too well that I will never feel as much at home anywhere else than here,

178,10. and I am also convinced that the bed prepared for me will be large enough and more than good enough!

178,11. But look, I am strongly drawn towards my home, and now once again in such a forceful manner, that I would rather fly than walk there!"

178,12. As Joseph heard this, he said: "It is your will, and you can do whatever you wish; so you may go or stay!"

178,13. Hereupon Jonathan went to the Infant and in all humility asked to be granted leave of absence.

178,14. The Infant spoke: "Jonathan, if you absolutely want to go, then you may do so; but do not forget to return!

178,15. However, I tell you that you will not catch any fish in your big net during the nocturnal fishing!

178,16. I will send a shark into your net, and it will plague you until sunrise and it will tear your fishing equipment to pieces!

178,17. And still you will not be able to catch it, for it will ruin all your efforts with one lash of its tail!"

178,18. When Jonathan heard the Infant's words, he suddenly changed his mind and said to Joseph:

178,19. "Brother, if that is the case, I will stay! – For see, I wanted to bring you a large cask full of the most exquisite fish;

178,20. and it was this thought that drew me towards home so powerfully![178,21 Now that I have heard what will happen if I go fishing, I will stay with you!

178,22. So bring me to the quarters reserved for me, and I will sleep there very peacefully, and whatever may happen at home, let it be!"

178,23. The Infant said: "Jonathan, you please Me more when you are like this, than when you hide your heart!

178,24. But I tell you now: Go home; for you will perform an important task for me at midnight!"

178,25. Hereupon Jonathan, blessed by all in Joseph's house, got up and hastily went home. – –

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-178 Chapter