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Chapter 179. – Jonathan well received by his people. Jonathan's departure to the high seas. The rescue of the shipwrecked Cyrenius and his people.

179,1. It was the tenth hour in the evening, according to present-day calculations, when Jonathan arrived home.

179,2. As Jonathan came home at this time, he found his three assistants with their wives and children quite busy and heard them exult and speak among themselves:

179,3. "It was good and proper that our master went on a journey and gave us the opportunity to show him how faithful we are as his servants!

179,4. Today we have caught a thousand pounds of tuna, a thousand pounds of sturgeon, three young sharks, ten swordfish, one dolphin and about two hundred pounds of smaller choice fish!

179,5. How happy he will be when he sees this abundance of fish!"

179,6. Here Jonathan announced himself and all ran towards him as if to a father and showed him the lucky haul.

179,7. Jonathan praised them and kissed them and then spoke: "As you have been so diligent today, go now and bring the big fish, such as the sharks, the swordfish, the dolphin and the sturgeon, quartered, into the large smokehouse!

179,8. And make thick smoke from sweet-scented shrubs, so that the fish do not rot due to the heat! And, in particular, salt the sharks and the dolphin well, and be generous with the sea onions and the thyme!

179,9. However, put the tuna and the other small fish into the big cask!"

179,10. And his first assistant spoke: "O master! What you have now ordered us to do has already been done during the day, and everything is in the best of order!"

179,11. Then Jonathan went over there and convinced himself of all this and said: "Children and brothers, this is no usual haul!

179,12. A higher power has played a part in this; therefore let us wait until midnight and see if, in reciprocation, this higher power will not make use of our strength!

179,13. You have observed the powerful lunar eclipse; that is a certain sign that disaster awaits someone today itself! That is why we should wait until midnight, in case someone needs our help!

179,14. Therefore go and prepare the big boat, which has a sail and ten strong oars, for departure!"

179,15. And the three assistants promptly left and did accordingly.

179,16. However, they had hardly completed the preparation of the big boat, when a powerful wind began to churn up the waters of the ocean.

179,17. Then Jonathan spoke to the three: "Now there is no more time to lose! – Call your ten sons and ask them to take the oars. – You, master fisher, be at the helm, and I myself will work the large two oars at the front!

179,18. However, take in the sail, as there is a headwind blowing; and let us go, in the name of the Almighty, out into the high seas!"

179,19. As they steered outward for a good hour, all the while struggling with the powerful waves, they heard loud screams of fear from the surging sea.

179,20. Jonathan boldly rowed toward this and, in fifteen minutes, reached a large Roman ship that was stranded on a sandbank and was heavily tilting due to the surging waves.

179,21. Rope ladders were immediately tossed, and all the people – about one hundred in number – were rescued. At the head of this group was our Cyrenius, with Tullia and Maronius Pilla.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-179 Chapter