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Chapter 181. – Jonathan and Cyrenius in conversation. Joseph's astonishment about the foreign ship and Jonathan's explanation. The rescuer's superstitious caution and his instruction. The moving reunion of the Infant and Cyrenius.

181,1. Joseph did not go into the hut at once, but sent a messenger inside to let Jonathan know that he was here.

181,2. Jonathan soon got up and spoke to Cyrenius:

181,3. "Imperial-Royal Consular Highness! I beg you once again for forgiveness if I have offended you by my well-meant incivility!

181,4. For just as everything about me is massive, so is my tongue on some occasions!

181,5. However, I now must go outside again; for my most worthy friend has come to visit me today!"

181,6. And Cyrenius spoke to Jonathan: "O friend! My dearest rescuer! Do just as you please and do not consider me, your debtor!

181,7. I will just dress myself a little better and then follow you as soon as possible."

181,8. Now Jonathan left Cyrenius and quickly went outside to receive Joseph.

181,9. Joseph meanwhile went a little down the shore for a closer view of the ship.

181,10. And Jonathan hurried towards Joseph and his company and soon caught up with them.

181,11. As the two men greeted each other and Jonathan had taken the Infant in his arms and cuddled Him,

181,12. Joseph asked his good friend in great amazement:

181,13. "Brother, so tell me – from where did you get this ship?

181,14. Or have guests or travellers come in it?

181,15. Indeed, it is a magnificent ship, the kind that one sees coming only from Rome!"

181,16. And Jonathan spoke: "O friend, see, that is why I had to leave your villa yesterday!

181,17. A storm had stranded a Roman ship on a sandbank outside the bay.

181,18. My efforts – through the grace of this your Child – to save the ship from a certain destruction, was successful.

181,19. The rescued persons, about a hundred in number, are still in my house, which is fortunately adequately spacious for them;

181,20. and I think that they will depart today itself, as they've told me that fortunately, their destination is our own city.

181,21. They still do not know where they are, for rescued persons must not be informed of this immediately.

181,22. When they are about to leave, I will in any case give them directions!"

181,23. And Joseph asked Jonathan if the rescued persons had announced who they were and where they were going.

181,24. Jonathan replied: "As you know, one must never tell tales out of school;

181,25. for as long as the rescued persons have not left, their names may not be revealed, because this could be injurious to them on their future journey!"

181,26. Here the Infant said to Jonathan: "O man! You have a noble heart, in which there is no falsehood;

181,27. but as regards the old superstitions, you are still full of them!

181,28. Here it is nevertheless better to keep silent, than to speak; for in any case, in a few moments the matter will be clarified!"

181,29. After the Infant said this, Cyrenius, with his entourage, left the hut and went towards the ship, that is, exactly to the place where Joseph was.

181,30. As he came there, he said to Tullia: "Wife! Just look there! – Is the company there with our rescuer not exactly the same for whose sake we travelled to Ostracine?!

181,31. By the living God! I have never before seen such a resemblance! – And look, our host is at this moment carrying an infant in his arms, who fully resembles the Holy Infant of our heavenly friend in Ostracine!"

181,32. Here the Infant demanded to be put down on the ground and ran towards the approaching Cyrenius, who was very near.

181,33. And Cyrenius stood still and gazed very attentively at the Infant who was running towards him.

181,34. As the Infant was about three steps away from Cyrenius, he spoke:

181,35. "Cyrenius, Cyrenius, My dear Cyrenius! – See, how I hurriedly make my way towards you; why do you not also hurry towards Me?!"

181,36. Here Cyrenius recognized the Infant, instantly knelt down, together with Tullia, and literally shouted:

181,37. "O my God, o my Lord! – – Who – where – am I, that You – o my God! – You – my Creator, my Life, You alone who are my All in All, how is it that You come towards me in this, to me, still unfamiliar place?!"

181,38. The Infant said: "My dear Cyrenius, you are already at the right place, for wherever I am is the right place for you! – See, here comes Joseph, Mary, Eudokia, My brothers and the eight children!"

181,39. Here Cyrenius said: "O You my Life, this is too much bliss for me!" – Hereupon he began to weep from sheer happiness and could not speak due to his sacred feelings.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-181 Chapter