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Chapter 182. – The bending of the heart instead of the knee. Cyrenius' greeting of Joseph. The blessing of the cross and the triumph of the trust in God. Cyrenius' joy about the proximity of Ostracine.

182,1. Now Joseph also came over and, together with Mary, wept in joy for seeing his friend Cyrenius once again.

182,2. The Infant said to Cyrenius: "Cyrenius! It is enough that you bend your heart with all your love;

182,3. therefore you may keep your knees straight! For see, you have a large entourage with you, who do not know Me, and you should not betray Me through such a posture!

182,4. Therefore rise from the ground and do, what Joseph, Jonathan, Mary and all the others, do; your wife should get up too!"

182,5. Thereupon Cyrenius got up together with Tullia, immediately took the Infant in his arms and cuddled Him.

182,6. With the Infant in his arms, he went closer to Joseph and said:

182,7. "I greet you from the bottom of my heart! – How very often did my heart long for you!

182,8. But in the past two years, critical affairs of state have increased to such an extent that I could never find the time to follow this high and holy demand of my heart.

182,9. It is only now that I could bring everything so far in order that I could visit to you, my holy friend.

182,10. But even now that I followed the dictates of my heart, I would almost have perished, if this most Holy Infant had not sent a rescuer for me!

182,11. O my friend and brother! I have suffered a lot in these two years!

182,12. I had to endure persecution, treason, slander with the emperor and many other highly unpleasant things.

182,13. However, I always thought about what the most Holy Infant had said to me two years ago, namely: that He teases and pinches those whom He loves.

182,14. And indeed, all the assaults on my spirit were actually nothing but caresses from my Lord of Lords!

182,15. For wherever there was a wave rising up against me which threatened to devour me completely,

182,16. it crashed against an even more powerful counter wave and nothing remained but empty foam.

182,17. And so I have now landed here completely safe, after experiencing great danger that threatened to engulf everything, and find myself in your most holy company; and all the storms that frightened me have been put to eternal rest!"

182,18. Here Joseph embraced Cyrenius and said: "Yes, brother in the Lord, it is just as you have now spoken!

182,19. In fact, I always knew what was happening to you; but I always praised the Lord for loving you so much.

182,20. Now look over there toward noon and morning, and you will easily recognize the city, and even more easily, your villa!

182,21. See that your ship is taken care of and come with me; we can have a good chat when we are back home!"

182,22. When Cyrenius looked over and quickly recognized the villa, he was beside himself, and he could not stop wondering about all this.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-182 Chapter