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Chapter 183. – Cyrenius' journey and his request to Joseph for enlightenment. Joseph's elusive answer. The dissatisfied Cyrenius and his enlightenment by the Infant. The general departure to Joseph's villa.

183,1. Only after Cyrenius had puzzled over Joseph's statement by looking at it from all angles and convincing himself of its correctness, was he able, in utter amazement, to speak properly again, and said to Joseph:

183,2. "Yes, my exalted friend and brother, let us immediately do as you desire;

183,3. but two things must be rectified first!

183,4. Firstly, my great rescuer must be rewarded – and in a manner befitting an emperor!

183,5. And secondly, I must learn from you how it was be possible for me to be brought here, to a place I least expected to be!

183,6. For see, ever since I started from Tyre, I had a steady and strong east wind that gradually transformed into a regular hurricane!

183,7. I roamed the high seas for ten full days – God knows where – because of this unfavourable wind.

183,8. When I once again set foot on land last midnight, with the help of this great rescuer, I thought I was in Spain, and more particularly, close to the Pillars of Hercules!

183,9. And – now, instead of in Spain as I had supposed, I am exactly where I really wanted to go!

183,10. O brother, o friend! – Give me just a brief explanation on this!"

183,11. And Joseph said: "Friend, first get your people to check whether your ship is in order;

183,12. only then will I, with the grace of the Lord, reveal something about your sea voyage!"

183,13. And Cyrenius replied to the wise Joseph: "O friend! – You appear to be very unusual today!

183,14. Are you testing me? Or what is it that you intend to do with me?

183,15. After all, today is the Sabbath of your and my Lord, to which you usually attached so much importance!

183,16. And indeed, I do not understand you and also do not know why you want to compel me to work today?!

183,17. See Him here, the holy, most holy One that I love above all else, who is resting in my arms, has surely brought my ship in order long ago because I love him above anything else!

183,18. Why then should I worry? – I was in great danger and was very worried;

183,19. but all my worries were vain; for He alone has brought about my rescue!

183,20. That is why I will not worry about anything any longer and will certainly leave the ship alone! – Is that not correct?"

183,21. And the Infant kissed Cyrenius and said: "Joseph only wanted to test you in My name, because you wanted to reward Jonathan before going with him to the villa.

183,22. But I say to you, you should not reward Jonathan in any way, for I Myself am his reward!

183,23. Therefore just get ready and go with Joseph; everything will become clear to you at home!" – And Cyrenius promptly did as the Infant had advised him to do, and all left for the villa.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-183 Chapter