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Chapter 185. – Cyrenius' gratitude to the Infant for the merciful guidance. How to pray in a manner pleasing to God. The main reason for the Lord's incarnation. Cyrenius' amazement at the progress made by the eight children.

185,1. When Cyrenius heard these words from Joseph, he immediately turned to the Infant resting in his arms and spoke to Him:

185,2. "O You, whose name my tongue will never be worthy to utter! – So all that was nothing but Your grace, O You my Lord and my God?!

185,3. How, and in what manner, can I thank You; how can I praise and glorify You for such immense and most wonderful grace?!

185,4. How can I, a poor foolish man, ever do anything in return, o Lord, for Your infinite grace towards me for protecting me more than your own heart?"

185,5. And the Infant spoke: "My dear Cyrenius! I would be much pleased when you do not sigh so heavily before Me!

185,6. What do I and you gain from your sighing before Me?

185,7. I tell you, better remain cheerful in spirit, and love Me, like all other men, in your heart; you would then be dearer to Me, than if you constantly sigh for nothing at all!"

185,8. And, most tenderly, Cyrenius said to the Infant:

185,9. "O You my life, You my all! – May I then not pray to You, my God and my Lord?"

185,10. The Infant replied: "O yes, you may certainly do that; however not with all sorts of endless proclamations,

185,11. but only in your spirit, in which you have the love for Me, and in its truth, for that is where the right light is, from which the flame of love pours out. – –

185,12. Do you really think that human prayers would make me more opulent, powerful and greater than I am, even without such prayers!?

185,13. O look, I have put Myself, out of My eternal infinity, into this body, so that men will pray to Me with more love –

185,14. and thereby spare their mouths, tongues and lips; for such prayer degrades the worshipper as well as the worshipped, because it is a dead thing, a property of the heathen!

185,15. What do you usually do with good friends and brothers when you come together?

185,16. See, you are happy to be with them and greet them and offer them your hand, heart and head!

185,17. Do the same with Me, and I will never demand anything else from you!! –

185,18. And now be really cheerful, and look after your children a little, and examine them to see what they have learnt,

185,19. and you will have a greater joy in that and also give Me a greater joy, than if you continually sigh and exclaim for a hundred years in succession!"

185,20. Hereupon Cyrenius became very cheerful and immediately called the eight children to himself and asked them various things.

185,21. The children gave him such thoroughly knowledgeable answers to every question that he was utterly amazed.

185,22. Cyrenius was beside himself with joy; the children also were happy to be so smart, and Cyrenius gave them bounteous presents and praised the schoolmaster.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-185 Chapter