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Chapter 186. – The boy Sixtus' 'return present' to his father Cyrenius: a lecture on the nature and the shape of the earth. The corroboration by the Child Jesus.

186,1. Hereupon the eldest of Cyrenius' three sons went up to his father and said to him:

186,2. "Father Quirinus Cyrenius! As you have now questioned us on a few things and we have been able to answer everything, which gave you pleasure, –

186,3. would you like to receive a small present in return from me for your love and care for us?"

186,4. Cyrenius smiled at this question and spoke to the boy:

186,5. "Your request, my dear Sixtus, is most gratifying and affectionate; but you must give me a better description of your intended present,

186,6. and I will immediately tell you all of you if I can accept it or not!"

186,7. Hereupon the boy replied: "O father Quirinus Cyrenius! It is not an object which we want or can give you as a present,

186,8. but a new science, about which you surely have no clue as yet!"

186,9. When Cyrenius heard this from his Sixtus, he said to him:

186,10. "Listen, my dear Sixtus, if that is the case, then you can give me as many presents as you want, and I shall willingly accept it all!"

186,11. After this statement by Cyrenius, the boy said:

186,12. "Well then, as all this is agreeable to you, o father Quirinus Cyrenius, then listen to me!

186,13. Until now, you have surely not heard the truth about how the earth looks like, and what shape it has!

186,14. What do you think is the shape of this great earth, which carries us all and feeds us through the grace of God inside her?"

186,15. And Cyrenius was taken aback by this question and did not know how to respond to it.

186,16. Only after a while, he said to the boy: "Listen, your question puts me on the spot; for I cannot give you a definite answer on it!

186,17. We all have all sorts of conjectures here regarding the nature of the earth; but there is no room for conjectures when dealing with a definite truth!

186,18. Therefore speak on your own now, and I will listen and then judge your presentation."

186,19. At Joseph's suggestion, the boy ran into the house and most carefully brought the globe that the Infant had created from a bitter orange the night before, on account of the lunar eclipse.

186,20. When Cyrenius saw this object, he was surprised and said: "Yes, – what is this? Is that perhaps the supposed present?

186,21. You previously said that the present was not an object, but rather a scientific discussion!?

186,22. This, however, is an object and not a scientific discussion!"

186,23. The boy said: "Dear father Quirinus Cyrenius, that is certainly true, but I cannot give you this object, because it does not belong to me;

186,24. however, it is necessary here if you are to understand what I say!"

186,25. Here the boy began to talk like a professor about the nature of the earth with the help of the globe, and with a thoroughness that greatly amazed Cyrenius.

186,26. And when the boy finished, the Infant said to Cyrenius: "It is so! – As a souvenir, you shall keep this small earth until one day, when a greater one will come over you in My kingdom!"

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-186 Chapter