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Chapter 187. – Cyrenius' delight in receiving the globe as a gift and his request concerning Augustus. The Infant's profoundly wise response with reference to the divine order.

187,1. Cyrenius was so extraordinarily happy with this gift that he was beside himself with sheer bliss.

187,2. After a while, when he had looked at the marvellous globe from all sides and had convinced himself of the significant representation of all the spots known to him, he began to speak again, saying:

187,3. "Joseph, for all of us, this is an obvious proof of Him, who once created the earth!

187,4. For what is more difficult for the Almighty, to create a big earth – or to create such a small one to instruct us about the big one that carries us?!

187,5. I believe that it is the same thing!

187,6. O God, o great God! – What infinite fullness of all sorts of perfections must live within You, that such marvels are so easy for you!?

187,7. Whoever is spiritually engrossed in You has bliss on earth!

187,8. Whoever has You and carries You in his heart is infinitely happy!

187,9. O how repulsive the vain bustle of earthlings appear to me now!

187,10. O my poor brother Augustus, if you only knew what I now know, how deeply disgusted would you be with your wobbly throne!

187,11. O You my little Jesus, You my life, You my all! Would You not like to show my brother, through Your omnipotence, how worthless and terribly sordid his throne actually is?"

187,12. The Infant spoke: "Cyrenius, look at all the creatures of the earth,

187,13. and you will find some who are good and some who are bad towards you!

187,14. Do you think that they are therefore the same towards Me as well?

187,15. See, the lion is a terrible animal and does not spare a life in his rage!

187,16. Did you find this animal to behave as such towards Me?

187,17. Certainly not – you say in your heart, for this king of the wilderness saved my life twice!

187,18. See, the same applies to your brother; he cannot be as you are, and you cannot be as he is.

187,19. For that reason, I have allowed all sorts of creatures to exist, because they are necessary for My eternal order!

187,20. And so it had to happen, that your brother became what he is, and you became what you are!

187,21. However, if your brother says: 'Lord! I do not know what I am, and what I am doing, but Your power is with me, and I act according to it!' –

187,22. then your brother is as righteous as you are, and you need not worry about him; for every deed will become manifest hereafter!" – This speech gave rise to better thoughts in Cyrenius about Augustus, and he again looked at his small earth.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-187 Chapter