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Chapter 194. – Cyrenius in the minister hole. The girl's discontentment. The 'King's' effective means of intimidation. The mice miracle.

194,1. Cyrenius was again the first to toss, and his marble rolled into the ninth hole, and his children said:

194,2. "Father Cyrenius, this means that you have risen from child to minister, and that with the first toss!

194,3. If you toss again, you would surely reach the king hole!"

194,4. And Cyrenius spoke: "My children, I am satisfied with this rank; therefore just take the marbles and toss!

194,5. See to it that you frequently come into the child hole; for that is the most appropriate and best place for you!"

194,6. Thereupon Sixtus promptly tossed and ended up in the child hole and was quite happy about it.

194,7. Then the eldest girl tossed and again landed in the second mother hole.

194,8. At this, the girl grumbled again as before and said: "Oh dear, I have to be the mother once again!"

194,9. The Infant went there, took the marble from the hole, gave it back to the girl and spoke:

194,10. "There – toss one more time, you discontented girl; however, see to it that you do not become the mother once again!"

194,11. And the girl tossed again and came again into the same hole and started to cry in annoyance.

194,12. At this the Infant again went over to the girl and said: "O you tyrannical creature! Truly, the nature of the first woman shows in you!

194,13. What shall I do with you, you serpent nature, you lion's paw?

194,14. Just get a mouse quickly; it will really torment you; then you will act differently towards me!"

194,15. Here the girl instantly knelt down before the Infant, wept and spoke:

194,16. "My dearest Jesus, I beg you, anything but a mouse or rat; for I am terribly afraid of them!

194,17. I prefer to be a mother a thousand times than see even one mouse!"

194,18. The Infant said: "This time I will spare you the mouse;

194,19. but if you grumble before Me one more time, you will suddenly have ten mice over you, sniffing at your feet!"

194,20. At this, the girl was completely silent and looked on most patiently as the other children occupied all the other holes,

194,21. and did not bother, even when another girl occupied the father hole, while she would otherwise always be very annoyed if no boy came into that hole.

194,22. At the end, the Infant tossed again and came once more into the king hole.

194,23. The girl bit her lips in secret anger.

194,24. And the Infant smiled, took a small branch and dabbed all the marbles with it and then breathed over the little holes, and instantly there was a mouse, instead of the marble, in each hole.

194,25. As the girl saw the little animals, she began to scream and cry out in horror and ran away.

194,26. This caused Joseph to come out and ask: "What have you, my dear Jesus, once again done to the girl that she is screaming so much?"

194,27. And the Infant spoke: "She is, as usual, envious; so I have visited her once again with some mice!"

194,28. Here Joseph smiled and went to the girl to calm her down; the other children quietly continued playing their game, for they did not see the horrible mice at all.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-194 Chapter