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Chapter 193. – The hole-game – a game of the human drive. The rules given by the Infant as king of the game.

193,1. And the Infant said further to Cyrenius: "Now that I am the king, each one of you must obey Me as you would a king!

193,2. And now hear my laws! – The priest hole should have wisdom and earnest goodness!

193,3. If you laugh when another laughs, then you err and will be removed from your post and thereby punished.

193,4. The farmer hole should have action; if you are indifferent, then you will have to starve!

193,5. The father hole should be full of love for your children; raise them properly and righteously, otherwise you will be a laughing stock to them!

193,6. The mother hole should be domestic and filled with fear of God, so that your infants become wise!

193,7. And you, my good and dear child hole, should remain as you are: a constant teacher of wise men towards God's wisdom!

193,8. Now these are the laws; they must be faithfully obeyed!

193,9. However, if anyone wants a favour from Me, he must come to Me for it on his knees!

193,10. Now go and proceed with the game, and leave Me alone! But you, Cyrenius, must go with the father and the mother, because you are a child!"

193,11. Now a girl and a boy, as priests, solemnly walked off and positioned themselves in a somewhat elevated spot.

193,12. Then two girls and one boy, as farmers, walked off and romped about busily on the ground, as if they had to do the most important work.

193,13. Then again a boy and a girl, both very serious in demeanour, went off and represented the father, who, in order to be a proper father, should also be like a mother at heart.

193,14. Hereupon the sole mother went to the child, that is, Cyrenius; but the mother was shy of her child and did not trust herself to speak to him and give him wise instruction.

193,15. She therefore turned to the King and asked Him for the grace of being given another position.

193,16. The King, however, advised her to go to the priests, who began to laugh when they saw the mother coming towards them.

193,17. So the King immediately called the priests and dismissed them, because they should have behaved in a more earnest and wise manner, and put them among the farmers.

193,18. The farmers, however, soon began to argue and quarrel with each other, and the King called them and settled the issues and restored peace among them.

193,19. Now the mother came again and wanted another post.

193,20. The King spoke: "As you represent love in its wisdom, you may be the priest!"

193,21. But now the father came and complained that he had no wife, because the mother was a priest.

193,22. And the King spoke: "So take the child and go there and become what the mother is!"

193,23. And so it was; but the priests now demanded more respect from the farmers.

193,24. Soon there was confusion, and the King called everyone back again and spoke: "I see that you are all at odds; therefore let us proceed to a new toss!" –

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-193 Chapter